The 3 Easiest Ways to Transform Your Space

Do you ever wish you just had a designer friend who could tell you a few things to fix to make your home feel better? Our clients have SO MANY “aha” moments during our design consultations when we’re walking through their spaces with them for the first time.

And guess what? After hundreds of consultations, we’re sharing our top 3 most common design issues that we see every single day! Making these few small changes will change the look and feel of your entire space!

  1. Rugs – Check the Scale!

The #1 easiest fix that we see when we go into people’s homes is that the rug is too small! Your area rug should be large enough to ground all the furniture in the room – that means it should be able to go either all the way or at least halfway under all the furniture in the space.

We often see an itty bitty 5’ x 8’ or 4’ x 6’ rug under just the coffee table – which makes the coffee table feel like it’s own lonely island in the middle of the room. When your rug is large enough to go under everything, the room feels like a collective unit instead of individual pieces.

2. Pillows – Toss the Matching!

We know that your sofa came with free pillows. FREE PILLOWS! and FREE is so hard to TOSS! We’re here to encourage the tossing of the free pillows. Give ‘em to your mother in law – She’ll love them!

The 2nd easiest way to transform your room is by getting rid of the matching pillows and putting something fresh with contrast on the soda instead. This goes for chairs as well. ADD color, texture, pattern 0 it’s such a simple and inexpensive way to add some real pizzazz to a room!

Trust us now and thank us later – you don’t regret it!

3. Curtains – Up and Out!

Are your curtains sitting directly on top of your window? yep, we thought so. And that’s okay because what we are about to say is counterintuitive.

Try a classic designer trick – move those curtains up under the ceiling line (unless your ceilings are vaulted- in that case move them up an extra foot), and get a curtain rod that is 2 feet winder than the windows.

When the curtains sit higher and wider than your windows, it’s a trick of the eye and your room will feel brighter, wider and taller.

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