Like rugs, upholstery, carpet, curtains are also an important part of our premises. These curtains protect our house from dirt, mud, rain, heat, cold, and sunlight, etc. But like carpet and rugs, these curtains also get dirty and attract germs regularly. Over time due to regular usage, these curtains become dirty and badly smelly. Due to all this, it becomes necessary to clean these dirty and smelly curtains. These curtains also don’t look and smell good and beautiful if they are not properly clean.

People don’t have much time to properly clean these curtains and they also find it difficult to clean these curtains. Thus, that’s why here we provides you with the best and effective ways to clean the curtains at home on your own. Here, we provide a complete 7 steps of washing curtains with backing. These steps are as follows:

  1. Cleaning the surrounding areas regularly: Before cleaning the curtain first step is to properly clean the surrounding area of the curtains. The curtain gets very dirty from the dusty area of the house. So, the first step is to clean the surrounding area of the curtain regularly. Simply regularly clean the floor and carpet at regular intervals. Also, clean the curtains linings properly with a wet cloth or tissue daily.
  2. Vacuum clean your curtains: Next step is to properly vacuum clean the curtains before washing the curtains. It is a simple process of removing the external dirt particles, dust, etc. from the curtains. One can also clean all the curtain linings and surrounding areas of the curtain with a vacuum cleaner. Under this step first, take a vacuum cleaner and attach a small cleaning brush which is used for furniture and upholstery.  Now close the curtains and vacuum clean the curtains from top to bottom. This method is also known as dry curtain cleaning.
  3. Can you use a steamer on the curtain? Yes, one can use a steamer or steam cleaner on their curtains. But in the case of nylon or net curtain one should avoid steam cleaner as it can cause damage to them.  First, purchase a steam cleaner for fabric cleaning from the near market.  Then close your curtain and clean them with the vacuum cleaner machine. Start the steam cleaner and set the heat level according to the curtain’s fabric type. Move the steam cleaner up and down on the curtain to clean the curtains properly. Steam cleaning the curtains is the best way to remove the black mould from the curtain.
  4. Can you wash curtains? Yes, one can easily wash their curtains at home on their own. But in case if your curtains are of the net, silk, wool, or of any other fabric then you need to be careful while washing them. In the case of silk and wool-based curtain don’t wash them into the washing machine as they will get shrink. In the case of nylon curtains be careful as they can get damaged easily.
  5. How to wash curtains:  To wash the curtain use the following steps.
  6. First, remove the curtains from the window or doors.
  7. Take some water in a bucket and dip the curtains in this water.
  8. Take a half cup cloth detergent powder and put it into the bucket.
  9. Now, wait for at least 20 min and after that softly rub the curtain.
  10. Now properly wash the curtain in clean water and let the curtain dry.

How to remove mould from curtains?

To get mould out of fabric use an ammonia-based solution. One can easily remove mould from curtains through this method. Under this method first, take 4-5 cups of ammonia and 3 cups of water according to the size of the curtains.  Make a mixture of it and put this mixture into the spray bottle. Now, spray this mixture on the mould area of the curtains. After this, wait for at least 25 to 30 minutes, and then softly blot the mould area of the curtain with water, and after that simply wash the curtain.

How to remove stubborn stains from curtains: To remove stubborn stains from the curtain use the following methods.

  • Use baking soda: This is the best way to clean black mould and stains from the curtains. Simply take 3 cups baking soda and 1 cup water and make a mixture of them. Now, take the dirty curtains and soak them into this solution for 30 minutes. After that slowly rub the stained area of the curtain and then rinse off the whole curtain with water and detergent and let the curtain dry.
  • Use of vinegar and laundry detergent or soap: One can also use vinegar and detergent with warm water to clean the stains from the curtains. Under this method simply take a half bucket of warm water and put 3 cups vinegar and 4-5 tablespoons of detergent. Now mix them well and put the dirty curtains into the bucket. Wait for 15 minutes and gently rub the curtains. Then wash the curtains with clean water and let them dry.


Thus these were all the 7 steps through which one can easily wash curtains with backing at their home effectively without using machines. But if by using these steps you don’t get any result or if you find it difficult to use these steps of curtain cleaning then don’t worry as you can simply contact professional expert’s services. Melbourne Clean Masters provide the best curtain cleaning services in Melbourne. You can easily hire the curtain cleaning services of our experts to clean and remove every type of mould, dark spot, and stains from the curtains. You only need to contact us and the rest of the work will be our experts. Curtain Cleaning Melbourne’s experts provide the best curtain and carpet cleaning services even at affordable rates with 24/7 hours of services assistance. Our experts use various types of chemical and non-chemical methods to clean every type of curtain and make the curtains look like a new one. For more detail, one can easily contact our staff or experts at any time.

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