Top 5 Areas for Home Flippers

When planning for a home flipping project, a primary factor that will determine the profit you’ll make is the location. Whether it’s your first time as a home flipper or you’ve been doing this for a while, it would be best to check the previous home market trends of different locations. Here are the top areas that you should prioritize for a successful home flipping project.


Cleveland has been one of the best locations for home flippers for several years. This is attributed to the guaranteed profit. Even with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, home flipping projects are still booming. The home flipping industry is still making it in Cleveland because there are still inventories to grab at a fair price.

Another reason why Cleveland is an ideal place for you to consider is because a low unemployment rate is recorded. This is a result of the growth of different industries in the area. This is a good sign for your home flipping project as there is high consumer confidence.


Pittsburgh has been named as one of the most affordable cities that one can live in. This is good news for you as a home flipper as this allows you to find a property at a lower cost. A primary reason why Pittsburgh is a hot spot for home flipping is that you can easily find a distressed home. With this in mind, you do not have to worry about looking for auctioned homes.

As stated, the city is affordable; hence you can find a home at a fair price that allows you to make profitable returns after refurbishing it. You ought to know that to successfully flip a home in Pittsburgh; you should be patient and be ready to spend money on repairs for you to generate maximum profits.


Austin county in Texas has been named one of the best places to consider engaging in a home flipping project. Several things have contributed to this, including Tesla and Samsung making plans to move to the town. Additionally, the county is home to the beautiful Lake Travis, which is appealing to a majority of the home buyers.

Since many people are moving to the area, the prices of homes will undoubtedly go up. The increase in population also indicates that it will take minimal time for you to sell a property once it’s on sale. This gives you time to work on other flipping projects and make more money in a short duration. The Austin real estate market is just starting to get hotter and hotter.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is undoubtedly the best city you can consider having a home flipping project in Louisiana. This is a great move since the area was largely affected by the Katrina hurricane. Despite this, it has managed to record growth in the home market industry. New Orleans experiences an increase in population every year. This is major because of how diverse New Orleans is, making it suitable for people to live and, better yet, retire. Being densely populated makes it a great place for home flipping projects due to the rise in home demand.

It would be best for you to know that real estate can be costly in New Orleans. Even though this is the case, you can be sure to make good returns from your home flipping project.

Greensboro, North Carolina

You need to be aware that Greensboro has experienced job growth for the last few years. What is more, the jobs are well paying which attracts more people to the area. This has then led to an increase in home demands which then leads to a rise in prices.

Another great thing about Greensboro is that the refurbishing costs are not high. With the numerous investment opportunities in the area, you can be sure to make your returns once your project is complete and sold.

Final Thoughts

As a home flipper, you need to understand that identifying a great location for your project is key to making 100% returns. Therefore, it would help that you do your research and calculate all costs incurred and the returns to know whether the project is worthwhile. Also, keep in mind that it takes time and money to generate great investment returns.

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