Why It’s a Great Idea To Install a New Fence Before Winter

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Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for fence installation. Everyone is opening their backyard pools, playing with their dogs outside, and inviting friends over for backyard barbeques. It makes sense why homeowners want to install a fence at this time.

Did you know that it’s a great idea to install a new fence before winter? It may seem like an absurd idea, but check out these reasons why you should consider this approach.

A Quick Turnaround

Fences are in high demand in the summertime. Paired with your previous obligations and the fencing company’s (likely) fully booked schedule, you might miss your window! Generally, the need for professional fencing services drops in late fall. This provides you with many options for fencing companies with flexible schedules.

Readily Available Materials

Since the demand for fencing installation declines near the end of the year, fence installers often have a surplus of materials. You have a better chance of selecting custom wooden fence options for your property!

Installers may even offer end-of-season sales, making it a financially savvy time to hire this service. Having ample choices not only allows you to choose something that fits your preferences but also ensures quick installation.

Decorate the Landscape in the Spring

Set the stage for easy landscaping come spring! A well-installed fence is the perfect backdrop for your garden. Plus, you can plan your landscape design with the fence as a focal point.

Focus your springtime efforts on planting and beautifying your garden rather than dealing with construction. Since you’ll already have your new fence, you can decorate it with hanging baskets or birdhouses!

Great Installation Conditions

Autumn offers wonderful weather conditions that are ideal for fence installation crews. The extreme heat of summer tapers off and reveals mild temperatures, which establishes a comfortable environment for the installation and reduces the risk of heat-related illnesses on the job.

Installing a fence before winter is a great idea because the soil is still soft! The ground is generally wet and unstable in the springtime, and it dries out in the summer. Autumn weather means ideal ground conditions for the crew to install the fence successfully.

What will your next home improvement project be? Once your backyard is ready, you might decide to upgrade the interior for additional comfort this winter!

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