What To Know About Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic Interior Designs

Biophilic Interior Designs

Interior design styles shape your space in distinct ways. Each aspect of the design style plays an important role in curating a specific ambiance, atmosphere, and look. Biophilic interior designs are growing rapidly in popularity compared to the myriad design styles available. Learn all you need to know about biophilic interior design and discover whether this style trend is right for your space.

It’s Not Just About Plants

A huge misconception of biophilic interior design is that it’s simply about decorating your spaces with plants. However, biophilic interiors are so much more than that. Industry professionals define biophilia in many ways. In the simplest terms, biophilia refers to humans’ innate connection to nature—a love of living things.

Biophilic interiors aim to reconnect people with nature in many ways, like bringing the outdoors in with plants, natural lighting, and water features. Other aspects of biophilic designs include:

  • Use of natural materials
  • Imitations of nature (biomimicry)
  • Experience stimulants (e.g., water sounds and earthy textures)
  • Nature-inspired patterns and shapes (biomorphic forms and patterns)
  • Use of local material resources (vernacular practices)

Ways To Incorporate Biophilic Designs

You can achieve a biophilic interior in many ways using all its various forms. You can use natural light to illuminate your space. Better yet, use natural light to highlight a biomorphic or biomimicry sculpture. Proper illumination is a key design tip when displaying sculptures in your home, and what better light source than the sun? 

Other popular ways to incorporate biophilic designs include:

  • Installing plant-patterned wallpaper
  • Using wooden design elements, such as exposed wooden beams, wood flooring, and tambour paneling
  • Adding water fountains
  • Painting your walls with natural and earthy colors like browns, greens, and blues
  • Implementing large windows to let in more sunlight

You can bring nature into your spaces in countless ways.

Benefits of Biophilic Interiors

One of the many solutions to improve productivity in your business is to foster a positive work environment. Biophilic interiors do just that. Strengthening one’s connection with nature offers an array of benefits. Biophilic designs improve mental health, generate healthier living conditions, and boost creativity. Spending time in and with nature offers many healing properties as it generates an abundance of positive emotions, from calmness to joy. You are bringing in those healing properties when you bring nature into your home or workspace. Are you ready to enhance your space with nature? Now that you know all you need to know about biophilic interior designs, it’s time to reconnect with the outdoors by bringing it in.

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