What Electrical Work Can a Non Qualified Person Do? Do I Need an Electrician to Change a Light Switch?

Electricity is life-threatening, and everyone should be conscious of doing any electrical work. Thousands of people get heavily injured while doing such risky work. However, it does not mean everyone has to be qualified to work with electrical equipment. There are many simple and easy chores involving electricity. First, let’s get to know the difference between a qualified and a non qualified person.

Qualified V’s Nonqualified Electrical Worker

A qualified electrical worker like an Electrician Thousand Oaks or person knows every little thing about how to handle electrical procedures. A qualified electrician is certified by the national council and demonstrates the international standard of work skills. So, to become a certified and authorized electrical worker, one needs to have adequate knowledge about what he/she is doing or performing.

On the other hand, a handyman with no work experience or training who is not authorized by the national board can not work with any heavy electrical equipment. It is illegal for anyone who is not proficient or capable in electrical works to be involved in such hazardous activities. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a simple handyman, without proper authentication and training, it is advised to stay away from doing any heavy electrical work.

What electrical work can a non qualified person do?

While many electrical works require an experienced electrician, there are some basic tasks that a handyman or normal person can do. Minor fixes, easy installation, risk-free notifiable electricity works can be conducted by a non qualified person. These works do not involve any heavy electrical items, and an everyday person can handle such works without any health risk.

Conducting Basic Notifiable Works

Depending on the region, a non-qualified person can conduct simple notifiable works without any supervision of an electrician. Some countries don’t allow such work for regular and inexperienced people. So, check the electrical regulations before you get involved with such activities. These types of work usually include hardwiring, changing the consumer socket or fusebox, installation of new circuits. If your building body permits the fundamental works, you can do that with proper supervision.

Minor Repairs & Installations

Electricians can skillfully perform some basic tasks of repairing broken sockets, changing or adding new electrical appliances, etc. These tasks do not need any authorized training or certificate, and you can conduct them without putting your home at risk. Broken sockets are very common in every household. That’s why with some basic training and practice, anyone can buy a new one and change them instantaneously. However, make sure you switch off the main power before you start the repair.

Do I need an electrician to change a light switch?

This is one of the most common concerns among every Electrician and inexperienced handyman. Light and fans can get broken abruptly, and without them, it’s hard to live in the house. However, changing it involves the cost of a new light and electrician fee. The good news is that you can change or repair a light switch yourself, without any assistance from an experienced electrician. Just be aware of the electrical sockets and bathroom spaces as they are dangerous. Or if you can’t do it by yourself then a Thousand Oaks Electricians may be the best option if you are living in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Light Switch Repair

Here are some of the most asked questions about light switch repair and replacement:

What’s the cost of repairing a light switch?

The cost to repair a light switch depends on the price of the switch and the charge of hiring an electrician. Usually, a regular light switch does not cost more than $10, and smart switches with IoT features can cost up to $50. If you hire an electrician, you may need to spend more than $20 on top of that.

Is changing the light switch a lengthy process?

If you have a broken switch and replace it with a new one, it may take 30 minutes to complete the process. Depending on your proficiency and equipment, the process can take less time than that.

Is it safe to change the switch without turning off the power?

It is very unsafe and dangerous to work with electrical wires and switches if the power is on. You can get electrocuted or can severely injure yourself. We highly recommend turning off the main power before you change the switch.


If you are an Electrician or handyman trying to do minor electrical repair work or switch replacement, you can do that by yourself. You don’t need any supervision or expert help if you have the confidence and practice to perform such tasks. Try to maintain the regulatory standard and caution before you start your activity, and you’ll be good to go!

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