What Are the Essential Start-up Video Production Tools?

When you are just starting with your video production business, everyone knows that a new company could be difficult to manage. One of the primary things that you need to make sure you have accomplished is having the right production tools from the onset. Of course, you would not want your corporate videos to turn into the biggest flop in history would you?

Here are four video production tools that you might want to look into as early as Day 1 of your business –

Animoto – Fun, Easy Video Production

This is a video creation service provider that can be used for both online as well as mobile devices. With a few instructions, you can already create then share your unique videos using your own video clips, photos, music and words.

If you are the type who loves to produce the slideshow type of videos, then this is your video creation tool. It can be used by Android and iPhone users. This is a free app complete with high density resolution. This means that you can download videos in 720p to HD resolutions.

Would you want to export your finished videos to social networking sites? That is also easy as you can share your videos to Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and Facebook.

You would need about $249 to $499 every year, depending on your chosen package, in order keep this service. The lite or personal version can be about $30 to just $249 annually. If yearly payments are too heavy for you, then you can also opt for their monthly payment scheme.

GoAnimate and Its Huge Library

Businesses, schools and corporate video production have a lot to gain fro GoAnimate. It comes with voice recording, scripting, storyboarding, and music library features. You also have the added feature of putting your own tracks to this library.

Just think of any possible scenario that you can have for a video and, most probably, GoAnimate already has it.

All these features come for an affordable price of $299-599 per year, depending on your chosen package. Quarterly and monthly payments are available if annual payments are still not doable for you at the moment.

Wideo.co – Adobe After Effects Minus the Flare

This is a beta animated online video creator. With it, you can make, edit and eventually share your unique videos. Choose from the backgrounds, images and music which you would use for your online video. In just a few minutes, you can already share it to the world.

Whether you are choosing personal or business, the annual price is $249. You can also just buy a single video for $19-49.

StupeFlix – Basic Does It

StupeFlix offers a basic platform for basic users who only need to upload their videos on the most renowned video engines. There are 16 themes to choose from. Users can easily add videos and photos to Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa or Facebook.

It also offers 450 licensed sound tracks which you can already use on your videos. If you are still not happy with the existing library, then you can always upload your own compositions. The price range is at $299 to $468 per year. If you want the personal plan, then it does not come with charge.

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