Things You Should Do in Sacramento with Your Kids

Planning a trip to Sacramento for the weekend with kids? Or, residing in Sacramento but lack ideas where to go? Modern kids are hard to impress, as they basically live in gadgets and consider other activities both boring and tiresome. A family trip is a lovely time-spending that should be explained with valid reasons to your kids, so they may understand its relevance. Let’s overview the top 10 things to do in Sacramento your beloved ones won’t resist trying out.

Top 10 Rooms, Museums, Quests, and Other Exciting Adventures in Sacramento

First, let’s review what you can do with the most popular spots in Sacramento and nearby areas. Depending on your kids’ taste, you may all dive in the racing journey in Sacramento, enjoy the interaction with animals, and spend an active day at trampolines or amusement parks. Share these Sacramento sites with your kids, as they may straightaway inform you what fits their preferences the most. Otherwise, there are many YouTube reviews that may show both of you where you won’t waste time for sure.

Urban Air Adventure Park Sacramento

Exciting adventures for both kids and their parents? This adventure park is most well-known for its trampolines in Sacramento, so your children are most likely to insist on choosing this place. Alongside this, depending on the passes, you may enjoy virtual reality, spin zone, climbing walls, training with ropes, battle beam as well as warrior course for both girls and boys. With the best value of $29.99, you get all-inclusive adventures. Furthermore, Urban Air Sacramento is a suitable spot to throw a birthday party for your children. Once, you are tired of playing, accommodate yourself in the cafe where you may buy soft drinks as well as taste super-cheezy pizza.

Address: 1700 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815

Official website:

The Boulder Field Sacramento

This is one of the fastest-growing facilities in Sacramento. In fact, it serves not only kids, as it is basically a gym with rock climbing experience. Your kids may learn how to climb as well as train both their mind and spirit. Their climbing area includes a Moon and Hang Boards, Circuit Wall, alongside Campus Board setup for advanced climbers and beginners. Introductory course for bouldering, dedicated family area, and retail and coffee shop space to relax after activities. A day pass for adults — $20, for kids — $15. If joining this Sacramento climbing spot with a family, a monthly fee will be required, it is $206 plus $150 for initiation.

Address: 8425 Belvedere Ave., Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95826

Official website:

Sacramento Children’s Museum

This museum in Sacramento is designated for children starting from birth up to 8 years old. It is aimed to help parents engage their kids in the learning activity. There are days divided per certain learning fields including Science Day, Story Time which comprises songs, community events, then Theater Plays, Yoga plays, Creative Art Classes. For parents of children with special needs, there is a Discovery Play which allows exploring the learning activities adjusted for their health conditions. Daily pass in this Sacramento Children’s Museum is $8.50, for children under 1 — $1, and for seniors or military — $6.

Address: 2701 Prospect Park, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Official website:

SeaQuest Folsom Sacramento

This is a petting zoo aquarium for children and parents in Sacramento, and simply a place for devotees who want to enjoy the interaction with many animals. By buying feeding tickets, you are allowed to feed animals with certain snacks, however, a staff member will strictly monitor whom you make happy with some desserts, as animals follow a certain meal plan. As of now, SeaQuest Sacramento is home to 1,200 animals among which are 300 different and rare species. You may meet sharks, tortoises, snakes, lizards, insects, and birds. It is possible to organize snorkeling there as well as birthday parties if booking in advance. An adult pass is $14.88, child pass is $8.88, for seniors/militaries is $11.88.

Address: 430 Palladio Pkwy #1801, Folsom, CA 95630

Official website:

Monster Mini Golf Sacramento


This is an indoor facility in Sacramento designed with the luminescent black lights which predetermine monster-themed journey with animated monsters. A family may access an 18-hole golf course as well as video game arcades and prize competitions. Beyond that, there are mini bowling for kids, laser tag quest, laser maze, and many more. It fits children aged 5 and older, as well as seniors up to 95 years old. If you want to surprise your kid, there is a service to throw a birthday party or events accessing a haunted mansion and customized planning for any taste. The admission pass for little monsters is $10, while for big monsters is $11. If sticking to combos, there is a mini-golf experience in addition to virtual reality at $17.

Address: 12401 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Official website:

K1 Speed Sacramento

This is a kart racing for devotees of extreme adventures in Sacramento. The indoor location includes tracks, racing memorabilia, signed race apparel, race cars as well as the artwork. After the racing journey, you may relax in the lobby and purchase food and drinks, or else play video games. Their Sacramento facilities are opened the whole week. They also offer organization of birthday parties alongside adult events or team buildings. Speedpass for 2 races plus signature T-Shirt is $55. 1-race pass is $22.95, 2 race is $39.95, and 3 races are for $49.55.

Address: 3130 Bradshaw RD Sacramento, CA 95827

Official website:

Enchambered Escape Room Sacramento

The best or even mystically-exciting adventure in Sacramento for kids who do not like “childish” plays is this spot. You will need to find out what is the best way to get through puzzled environments with secrets doors and scary decor. One-hour is given to escape and solve clues, and codes. There are many different themes including genres of movies or video games. Horror genre, special effects with sudden lighting, and strange sound changes are there to scare you. However, this is not the right spot in Sacramento if your kid is very sensitive to gloomy scenarios. Children under 18 should be accompanied by the parent. They do not recommend involve in such activities children under 7. An adult pass is $30–35 alongside a $5 off for children pass.

Address: 2230 Arden Way Suite C Sacramento, CA 95825

Official website:

Rocking Jump Roseville Sacramento

This is truly the best fun zone in Sacramento for smaller kids. They offer Jump Arena, Dodgeball, Slam Dunk Zone, and Vertical Ops. If your kid wants to dive into trampoline experience in full, you may access Stunt Make Arena, which can be accompanied by Laser Tag. 60-minutes experience of jumping is $15, and $16 on Friday till Sunday. 90-minutes pass costs $19, and 120-minutes is $22.

Address: 384 N Sunrise Ave. Suite 130 Roseville, CA 95661

Official website:

Capitol Bowl Sacramento

This is a modern bowling area in Sacramento for kids and adults of all ages. It hosts many bowling tournaments that are open for family visits if you are all fans of this sport. Flat-screen televisions with sports events, bars, restaurants, and live music if you want to dance and sing in Karaoke. There is the designated area for bowling with special lighting or spaces for parties as well. Order pizza or burgers to kids and start learning how to bowl professionally. The daily pass costs $5.75 during weekdays, once on the weekend you have to pay $6.75.

Address: Capitol Bowl 900 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Official website:

What to Do Except for Theme Activities in Sacramento?

Spend One Day on Nature in Sacramento

You may probably think of free activities in Sacramento where you won’t throw money down the drain and won’t regret your choice. Here are additional tips in terms of top things-to-do with your children if they rejected all the above-mentioned offers. Or, they may offer you an alternative look compared to the most obvious spots in Sacramento rich in big crowds of children. They are perfect if your beloved ones like spending time with less noise.


Sacramento is rich in picturesque landscapes including well-known Lake Natoma. You may all grab bikes and just stroll across the forest, otherwise, you may rent kayaks and boats to have a watery trip enjoying the views and listening to wild nature. To ensure you have the best family-spending together in Sacramento, think of equipping with the following items:

  • Life jackets — if you do not have them, there are rental services where you may rent one.
  • Anti-mosquito spray as far as these creatures may spoil your biking or kayaking experience to the extreme.
  • Snacks or light food. Lake Natoma in Sacramento is hard to leave within a few hours because of its interesting nature. So, think in advance what you are going to eat.
  • A tent alongside sleeping bags will be a good idea if you plan to stay there for the weekend.
  • First aid kit is an obligatory item to keep with you at all points.
  • Barbecue set if you want to gather with all the family and have a picnic. However, check if it is possible during the “heat” seasons, as a fire in forests is very dangerous and may be prohibited.

The same, do not forget to inform your close friends or relatives if you go over the weekend there. Such precautions sometimes may help you escape negative scenarios related to car accidents or more dangerous outcomes when you are in wild nature without a professional who knows the forests, lakes inside out.

Note, you may also choose the following locations for nature spending in Sacramento with your kids — Lake Clementia, American River, Folsom Point, Lake Spafford, Shortline Lake, and many others.

Incorporate Comedy Into Your Kid’s Life in Sacramento

If you start noticing that your kid is getting sadder and sadder all the time or vice versa shows promising humourous talents, do not neglect the opportunity to visit a Sacramento Comedy Center. It is a great place to teach children how to take life positively, and have fun regardless of negative life circumstances. They offer Saturday workshops which include performance techniques to introduce your kid to comedy mastership, games, special events, and many more.

Address: 1050 20th St. #130, Sacramento, CA 95811

Official website:

Visit Sacramento Museums of Your Kid’s Interest

Basically, there are myriad museums in Sacramento including previously mentioned — Sacramento Children’s Museum. However, today you may expand your kid’ world outlook with the following spots:

On Fridays, there is a free museum day in Sacramento. Accordingly, you have minimum spendings

Top Editor’s Pick for Best Activity in Sacramento with Kids

Last but not least, there is one more place or else considered the best time-spending option for your whole family or your juniors alone in Sacramento — Fairy Town Sacramento. It is widely popular within kids under 10, however, your older kids will find a thing-to-do as well. Parents are more than encouraged to participate in workshops, art classes, and animal introductory classes. Check it out why it is the best value for your demanding children.

Fairy Town Sacramento

This Sacramento kid’s place has over 60 years of experience and offers a safe place for imaginations, plays, and learning activities. 26 playsets, never-ending fairytales alongside nursery rhymes, a farm for animals, art performances, and stages, as well as gardens, are all there.

Fairy Town Sacramento is home to goats, rabbits, little pigs, and many birds. If you want to catch the feeding time, it starts between 3:30 p.m and 4 p.m. This park offers animal introductions when your children can get acquainted with farming activities and learn how to take care of animals.

Alongside this, Fairy Town Sacramento has educational programs including art, language, and science classes. Day camps gather many children and staff or teachers guide them through learning activities.

Finally, you have the opportunity to throw a party for your beloved children in this Sacramento marvelous place. Available packages see below:

The pass is $6–7 for adults, children aged 2–12 — $6–7, and children aged 1 may enter for free.

Address: 3901 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822

Official website:

The Bottom Line

Now, you are equipped with the best available activities for your kids in many places of Sacramento. Some are free of charge, while some are available with the cost but they definitely all worth it. One for the road tip for you — if your kid does not feel to visit any of the above Sacramento places, try to provide valid reasons why these places may seem interesting without being too pushy. Kids are rebels and they won’t visit anything if you do not ask them about their willingness to do so. This guide researched the best places in Sacramento based on visitor’s and parents’ feedback. Many families also hesitated these spots relevance but end up enjoying and visiting them all the time. Good luck with your search and spend the best day of your life with kids in Sacramento.

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