The Top Three Innovations in Solar Power



Solar power is truly an example of our progress since the turn of the century. You’ll be surprised at just how interesting these advancements are-we’ve listed a few here that are bound to pique your interest. Check out our top three innovations in solar power below.

Floating Farms 

Silicon panels-the material on top of the panel’s surface-are becoming more efficient and cheaper daily. People are placing solar panels in the middle of the water or on reservoirs as “floatovoltaics,” which are entire solar power systems that “float” on water. These solar farms can generate a ton of electricity without encroaching on valuable property. They offer clean solar power but also efficient water management and prevent solar farms from being damaged by toxic algae. This is why many consider floating farms one of the top three innovations in solar.

BIPV Solar Technology 

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) blend with canopies, facades, and skylight systems. BIPV is the beautified version of conventional architecture. It’s more energy efficient, has more sound and thermal insulation, and the O&M costs are less. The system integrates photovoltaics into the building so they’re seamless to the eye. When you use BIPV technology, you save on material and electricity costs—even more than you would with a standard solar panel.

Solar Skins

Solar skins also use PV tech to integrate customer-created designs into solar systems. They’re similar to ad wraps on bus windows. If you use solar for your business, solar skins can make designs related to your business. It’s usually in your best interest to pick some up, if only to increase brand awareness and turn customers considering your product into loyal buyers. If you have a residential home, you might want to consider placing skins related to yourself on your panel, whether that’s your favorite football team or an American flag.  Solar benefits everyone, so we must routinely research and analyze advancements. Hopefully, we gave you a great taste of what’s to come.

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