The Most Lucrative Metals To Scrap for Cash

lucrative metals to scrap for cash

lucrative metals to scrap for cash

Doing various side hustles to earn a few extra bucks a week is becoming common practice for many individuals. But rather than exploring gig jobs, there could be value in scrapping metals in and outside your home. The most lucrative metals to scrap for cash alert you of what precious metals should be on your radar.


Brass scrap has an unrivaled secondary value, which helps consumers and leads to a lower net cost of commodities purchased by businesses and individuals alike. Brass’s improved machinability might lead to more production and lower prices for brass-made consumer goods.


Don’t throw away your copper scraps when you can earn money for them at a scrapyard. It’s a waste of time and money to toss them out instead of giving them to professionals who recycle scrap metal. Although they look similar, it’s important to know that brass and copper are different, considering copper is the pricier of the two metals.

Additionally, recycled copper goods are cheaper than those made from raw copper, which is why reusing is so important. Copper plumbing fixtures, for instance, are far more affordable than they would be if the metal weren’t salvageable.


Lead scrap has a high potential payoff when recycled, but a pure supply of the non-ferrous metal is not always easy to come by. Pure lead scrap is poisonous, so take all essential safety measures if you handle it. Furthermore, lead is heavy, making moving objects made from it difficult. Despite this, there is generally a significant market for scrap lead, making it worthwhile to track down and transport.

Stainless Steel

One of the most frequently found metals in modern Australia is stainless steel. As there always appears to be so much of it lying about, people tend to see stainless steel as being of lower value. Nevertheless, different metals like chromium or chrome, nickel molybdenum, and iron boost the desirability of stainless steel. Scrap stainless steel could fetch a great price depending on the percentage of nickel in the alloy.

Appliances, white goods, other culinary equipment, and factory gear are common places to find stainless steel. Although, its value could decrease if it looks like you submerged the material in grease or oil, which is something to consider if you want to send your car to the junkyard.

Silver & Gold

Silver scrap metal prices are frequently more than you would get from a jewelry store or pawn shop. Silver is abundant in several household items and jewelry, so it’s advantageous for you to go through your things, declutter, and earn extra money. 

Gold, like silver, is a precious metal with a higher value than other types of scrap but a far lower availability. Nonetheless, there is usually enough gold in the components of obsolete electrical devices to make mining them viable. Removing the gold from computers and other devices may involve additional work and training. Still, the profit you get from selling the scrap will likely be considerably larger than selling other scrap metal forms. Knowing the most lucrative metals to scrap for cash gives you an idea of what to look for around your home. You may have a gold mine in front of you that you otherwise wouldn’t have realized.

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