The Creation of an Effective Video Marketing Script in 7 Steps

If you are standing right on that fork when you are about to promote your product or service, what do you think you should do to reach a greater number of people over a shorter period of time? In this day of high-end technology, the Internet is the most powerful tool that you can use to get and keep customers and the creation of a campaign video is paramount.

Videos can effectively tell convincing stories about any business. In a matter of 60 seconds, the client will be able to tell – through interviews, animation or illustrations – the goals of a company.

Marketing videos are proven to be effective only if they are able to reach the company’s target audience. If you want to reach this very objective, then be sure to follow these eight hot tips –

Keep the Script Concise

The script’s length is dependent on the kind of audience that will see the video. The captive audience can only remain that way for about six to eight minutes. Anything longer than this and the people will begin to doze off – unless – something is done to recapture their attention.

Internet surfers tend to spend less time watching videos compared to auditorium attendees. You should be able to deliver a compelling message in two to four minutes.

The Message Should be Delivered within 30 Seconds

Reduce the content of your video by learning to summarize. Deliver in one sentence what you normally tell audiences in two paragraphs. Be as persuasive as you can be so that the audience will pay attention. 

Speak to Your Audience

Speaking to an audience means you have to learn to use personal pronouns such as your and you. Engage your audience by showing them how deeply you care for them. While it is alright to inform them about your ROI during the third quarter, it is much better that they hear about the product benefits than to hear you rant about profit.

Select the Right Video Tone

If you already know your target market then develop a script that speaks to them. Describe – in one sentence – what the viewer is supposed to do at the end of the video. This is the suggestive tone for your video. 

Tell An Effective Story

Do not explain the message of the video. If you can, develop presentations, find humorous actors, and show animation. Your goal is to avoid the droning sound created by a lifeless video.

Humor, most especially, is an effective tool for storytelling. This is as long as the humor supports the video’s message. Your attempts in humoring the audience should be delivered seamlessly or they would appear scripted and awkward.

Pace the Dialogue

Keep the dialogue between 125 and 150 words every minute. While the actor or the one being interviewed may speak more words per minute, advise him or her to keep the right pace.

Simplicity Does the Trick

The best presentation of the video is the simplest approach that you can come up with. Do not over complicate anything. Your goal is to hook the viewer – that’s it.

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