The Commercial Electrician’s Best Characteristics

Being a commercial business owner is tantamount to being chiefly responsible in minimizing workplace electrical hazards. Majority of accidents that take place in commercial structures result from electrical lines that have come in contact with water. An obvious fix would be to not mix water and electricity, however, there are more hazards than the mixture of these two – there’s electrocution, burns and electric shock. Looking at these, one can conclude that there can be many possible electrical hazards in the workplace.

Such accidents are easily avoided if only workers are provided proper training regarding the use of electrical equipment. This is the very reason why a commercial electrician is needful for a commercial business. This expert can minimize electrical hazards in any work environment.

Commercial electricians work in warehouses, factories, control centers and many types of commercial settings. Of course, the work done in these properties are a lot different than in residential areas. The greatest difference is the higher amount of electricity that is being used in these commercial structures. To add to this, there are also many machines and electrical equipment that require setting up, maintenance and repair. There are also regulations and codes to follow, work that a commercial electrician should take care of.

A Commercial Electrician’s Best Characteristics

  • He must not be afraid to embrace challenges at his workplace. Remember that an electrician – especially one that works inside commercial structures – has to deal with bigger electrical equipment and machineries so he must never be daunted by the tasks that he will encounter.
  • He is highly adaptable. This means he is someone who is not afraid to get out of his comfort zone should life threatening issues arise.
  • He must embrace change because it is an essential part of his job. A commercial electrician – or any electrician for that matter – works in an environment that evolves more so when designers or architects alter their minds at the very last moment. He should be more than willing to reinstall electrical fittings in new areas.
  • He must be a people-oriented person. If he exudes confidence in socializing with different kinds of people, then he will be better able to meet customers’ needs as they make their demands; and when those demands start to appear unreasonable, a good commercial electrician must know how to maintain his composure and while providing a timely solution to the problem at hand.
  •  Closely related to being people-oriented is having great communication skills. A commercial electrician does not just communicate with his clients; he also needs to work with contractors and designers – experts that come from different trades. To ensure a harmonious workplace and a job that is done on time, he must learn to mingle with these types of professionals as well. Through proper communication, these experts can come together and finally work as a team.
  • He must also feel and look presentable at all times. An electrician handles dangerous jobs so he must have the correct dress code at all times. And what sort of outfit is he supposed to wear? Since he is in a hazardous area, he must wear a hard hat, overalls and boots at the very least.
  • He must not just appear knowledgeable about the job but he must actually be knowledgeable about electricity and electronics. He must also have a good knowledge of building codes, the NEC and other regulations.
  • Lastly, he must be versatile. Commercial electricians take on different projects all the time. There are times when he will be asked to wire high-rise residential sites then be asked to install a wiring system at a new restaurant on his next project.

All in all, these just mean that the commercial electrician must be the total package in order to deliver what his clients want.

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