The Basic Catering Supplies for Starting Business Owners

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All businesses started from scratch and this holds true when it comes to catering services too. In starting a catering service business, all you have to do is be practical in choosing your catering supplies. There is no need to buy complete catering supplies set at once; you just have to identify which of the supplies and equipment are frequently used, and which supplies have multiple functions. This way, you could allot your other money to more important things. Below are the basic catering supplies that should be present when you start a catering business:

Chinaware, Glassware, Silverware

Catering business is under the food service category. Initially, it needs plates, glasses, spoon, forks, knives and the like so that people could use something for eating. This is the most basic yet important supply in any food service business like the catering business.

Serving Trays, Serving Bowls, Serving Plates, Serving Utensils

Serving trays are important in dishing out the food to the client. This is especially true for catering services who utilize the table service setup. Such trays will hold many dishes, which will be delivered to the table. Serving trays, serving plates and serving spoons are usually used for the buffet type of service. These supplies are used to hold numerous types of food where people would get their share. These are also accompanied with serving spoons or forks so people could get their food easily.

Chafing Dishes, Food Warmers, Catering Buffet Supplies

The main purpose of these containers is to hold the food and keep its freshness. It is usually displayed on the buffet table and people could freely open it for their food choices.

Banquet Tables and Chairs

This is usually represented by a common round shaped table and chair, accessorized with special linens to make it presentable and inviting. This supply is important since this is where people sit while they enjoy the service and the food.


There are times wherein certain dishes could not be carried with tray alone. It needs to be wheeled into the room so that accidents would be avoided in the end.

Food Carriers, Catering Storage

This catering supply is used to store the food safely as the caterers travel from their station to the venue of a certain event. Aside from keeping the food intact, it also keeps the food warm and fresh at the same time.

Beverage Dispensers

This supply is used to store beverages. It will keep the drinks cool and refreshing while the food is being traveled to the venue or while waiting for the actual food service.

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