Take Action: What To Do if Your Apartment Floods


No one wants it to happen to them, but it could happen to anyone. A flood in your apartment can be devastating and destroy a lot of your personal belongings if you’re slow to react. That’s why knowing what you should do in case of a flood is vital for anyone living in an apartment.

Ensure Safety

When you notice a leak in your place, the first thing you should do is ensure the safety of everyone in the apartment and do what you can to alert the neighbors. Flooding, whether from a burst pipe or severe weather, is one of the leading causes of water damage. And while it may seem like it’s just some water, it can cause structural damage to your apartment and carry diseases. Get everyone out and away from the water as soon as possible to keep everyone safe.

Identify the Source

The next step is to identify the source of the leak. This will help the repair people stop the water and fix the leak faster. Water damage remediation can take several days, depending on the damage, so finding the source quickly is essential. Additionally, someone can turn off the water for you if you know the cause of the flood.

Collect Evidence

You should document everything you can when you’re safe and out of the water. Your landlord will require the evidence to file an insurance claim, and the evidence will help you get back the money you lost because of the flood. Document all the damage, what items the flood destroyed, and their value, and don’t throw out any items until you finish with insurance.

Save Your Items

If you can safely move items and get them away from the water, you should. While it’s not worth risking your health, it’s best if you can protect your things as much as possible. Prioritize important items first, like your birth certificate and passport, and then go for other items if you can.

Ask for Repairs

During the mad rush to save your items and collect evidence for insurance, you should contact your building’s supervisor or repair people to request help. This is one of the biggest steps to take if your apartment floods. They can come in and stop the water from continuing to flood your apartment and start repairing the damage from the flood. Since this may take some time, find another place to stay for a few days if you can. A flooded apartment is a horrible circumstance for everyone involved, but that’s why knowing how to deal with it is so important. You can prevent the loss of a lot of items while staying safe.

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