Sleeping on Your Side? Here are Some Sleep Tips for Better Sleep

The happiest person in the morning is the one who has had a great sleep the previous night! And a happy morning sows the seed for a great day ahead. For a night of good sleep, the need for an excellent mattress topper is impeccable. Curling on the bed on a Comfortable Mattress Topper with a side pillow remains an alluring thought for all the side-sleepers reading this. Sleeping on your side is considered one of the most popular sleeping positions due to the bag full of benefits it brings.

People sleep on their back, stomach, and their side. Approximately 74% of people sleep  on their side as per the survey. Sleeping on your side is considered one of the most  popular sleeping positions due to the bag full of benefits it brings. However, are you  following the healthy practices that will help you reap the benefits of this sleep habit? 

Here are four sleep tips for side sleepers

1. Sleep on a Medium-firm mattress:

Do you have a question in your mind about What kind of mattress suits a side sleeper?

A mattress that is too soft might miss out on giving you the much-needed pressure relief;  the firm ones will make you feel uncomfortable. Using a Medium-firm Mattress is the best  option. It supports your side sleeping posture while ensuring excellent pressure relief. The  sink and support ratio is perfect for side sleepers on a medium-firm mattress.

2. Use a Firm Pillow 

For side sleepers, it is essential to use one firm pillow underneath your head and one  between your knees. Lower back pain will help prevent a collapse of hip and knee joints,  enhancing the overall body alignment with the spine. 

3. Wake up and Stretch

As side sleepers tend to get into the fetal position while sleeping, some psychiatrists  believe that such balled-up posture can damage confidence. Therefore, it is important to  do some simple stretches right after waking up. This will help your body ease, boost your  mood, and perform with complete confidence.

4. The Kulf Luxury Pad:

Adding a Kulf Luxury Topper can work wonders for you and help you sleep great on your  side! It’s hand-crafted purest expression of comfort and elegance. A memory kulf luxury pad is not too firm or soft, making for the perfect accessory on  your mattress. In addition, a mattress topper can also extend the life of your existing  mattress!

PS- Side sleeping is regarded as one of the best sleeping positions for pregnant women,  as per the American Pregnancy Association. This is mainly because sleeping on your  back or stomach becomes difficult as pregnancy progresses. And a Comfortable Sleep for  a mommy is the highest priority! 


Now that you realize sleeping on your side comes with a bag full of benefits, what are you  waiting for? Try it today! And if you have already been sleeping on your side, use the tips  to enhance your sleep health and wake up recharged every morning.  The best mattress store in California, Mancini’s Sleepworld offers a wide variety of  medium-firm mattresses and memory foam toppers which can be a valuable addition to  your sleep health. You can check out the website for great offers. Also, if you favor buying  from a brick-and-mortar store, Mancini’s Sleepworld has 37+ stores across California and  a legacy of over 50 years! If you are still unsure, visit your nearest store and try it before  buying it.

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