Romantic Bedroom Interiors – What To Do When You’re Newly-married

If you have been encountering problems in finding the right bedroom design for newly-weds, then know that there are two major factors that you need to take into consideration. First, the bedroom should be romantic and next, it must also be practical.

Keeping the Flame Aglow

For a lot of married couples, having a romantic setup is essential to keep their affection intact. And since bedrooms are the most intimate part in a home as it is the venue for marital  intimacy, it is important to learn the factors that can help you set up a romantic setting. You will soon find out that you do not need to have much cash just to spice up this room in your home.

A couple’s bedroom must be a restful haven yet it must be designed in a manner that also excites the senses. Using the right bed, bed sheet, even curtains; is a good way to begin. The way that these are organized also matter as it can spell success or disaster.

Blue, red and pink have been known to evoke strong affection so you should invest in bed sheets and pillow cases that come in these colors. Pair these with curtains of the a lighter hue and you’re on the right track.

Next, it is time to consider the bedroom lighting. Blazing, white LED lights are a no-no inside the bedroom as they have the least impact on romance. If you want to establish a romantic mood through lighting, be sure to use dimmers and candles (the scented variety is a great option). The yellow flicker of candles often evokes romantic feelings. Such brings the wife to cuddle closer to the husband because the room is aglow with the warm light.

Scented candles can also be used to arouse the senses. They have the power to encourage romance – just choose from vanilla or lavender and you will see the effect that it will have on the way you feel about your spouse and vice versa.

Here are a few more simple tips to follow when setting up the perfect bedroom for newly-married couples –

  • One of the first few rules is to veer away from frills or excessive curtains. Frills and lace tend to make the ambience feel narrower.
  • Warm colors are suitable for the bedroom. While the couple may have their favorite bright colors, there are some hues that work best in this room. Shades of brown, blue and cream are restful. Bright red can be pretty warm and it is an effective color to evoke romance.
  • For a large bedroom, invest on a small sofa where you can sit with your new spouse. In this settee, you can watch the TV or DVD without having to mess up the bedding. Who knows what else can happen on that loveseat?
  • If the room is not that spacious, then choose the furniture that you can set up against the wall. If after doing this you observe that there still isn’t enough space, then be prepared to use smaller furniture.
  • Find some unique décor that you can use inside this room. Special photographs and artworks can also be displayed but just make sure that they do not overshadow the overall feel inside the room.
  • Provide ample pillows but be sure not to add a lot. These can be used to prop yourselves up during those lazy mornings or when you are watching the TV in bed together. Just make sure that the pillows do not overcrowd you and your spouse in your bed.

Minimalist or frivolous, the design is up to you; what matters is that the bedroom would make you want to stay there with your better half.

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