When one is asked to describe a traditional, classic home, it is impossible for leather furniture to be missed out. There is just something about leather ottomans, couches, and chairs that are timeless and comfy at the same time. No wonder that leather is one of, if not, the leading material that is sought for traditional homes.

But have you ever wondered how boring a place it would be if everything was leather? Wouldn’t it be too taxing for the eyes from one leather furniture to the next? They are, after all, heavy, often dark, and bulky.

So what could go with leather furniture that will surely make your home more sensational?

Metallic Accents and Other Materials

Let’s take this living room below as an example

This setting did not automatically become a traditional space because of the leather couches. What made the place more contemporary is the addition of the metallic features in the case of the decorative pieces on the mantel, the lighting pieces, and the side table.

The center table is also difficult to ignore although your eyes will still surely be drawn to the beauty of the leather sofas. Coming from the Deco Collection of Fine Furniture Design, the leather material is balanced out by the mentioned accessories as well as its fabric upholstered cushions.

Sometimes, the accentuating piece may be a material that was added to leather. Such is the case with this Wesley Allen Bar and Game Room Bar Stool. The soft beauty of leather is made sturdier by the solid iron framework of the stool. You simply have to love the white leather paired with the geometric metal.

Moroccan or Kilim Rug and Painted Walls

Any deep blue paint would do well to be splashed across the walls of a leather-lover’s home. The reliable beauty that dark-colored walls provide will serve as the perfect frame for any beautiful leather piece whether you’re aiming to highlight a couch, an ottoman or even a leather bed.

A Moroccan rug, on the other hand, is to beautify. Utility-wise, it is warm to the foot.

This artistic, woven piece of art is traditionally made by tribal people and are specifically used for decorative reasons. It is also for this reason why it will pair well with a leather piece. The solid color that leather couches provide will be offset by the interesting patterns and texture of the Moroccan rug.

If you want to be classic but at the same time trendy, then the fusion of a Moroccan rug and your leather furniture is a winning combo. The term that comes to mind is new classic.

What could also be warmer and cozier than these two?

If a Moroccan rug cannot be had, then you can also go for a Kilim rug. This pairs beautifully with leather also because it comes with a natural look. It is dyed hemp that’s been heavily washed in hues of charcoal, orange, green, red, and blue.

Leather plus Kilim rug spell durability so you’re ensured of a lasting duo.

Black or Gray

Apart from the deep blues that blend well with leather, you can also depend on gray and black. These are the most reliable colors that can balance the sturdy look that leather furniture pieces offer. When you do this, though, make sure that the shade of your wall are either slightly darker or lighter than your leather furniture piece.

Choose from the lighter shades of black or the beautiful bluish gray backgrounds that are fairly common in many interior design magazines.

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