Other Services Tow Companies can offer

There are 284 million vehicles on the road in the unites states and 69 million vehicle breakdowns that happen each year. Even though reliability in vehicles has gotten significantly better the need for towing services has never been higher. When we think of Tow services the first thing we usually think about is a broken down vehicle or car incident. But did you know that there are many other services Tow truck companies can offer? Tow trucks these days usually come with highly trained individuals and technology to help in any situation. Here are a few services Tow Companies can offer.

  1. General Tow – Whether you have just broken down, have a flat tire or been in an accident. There is a high probability you will need a Tow truck to transport your vehicle tow the nearest Panel Shop, Tire store or your home. There are times where we simply cannot the vehicle in working in order without experts. Tow truck companies will find out as much as they can about your situation before they come out to you. This helps them with getting the right equipment in order to efficiently get you out of your situation within the least amount of time. There are several types of Tow Trucks, that are used in the United States but some of the most common are Flat Bed Tow Trucks, Hook and Chan Tow Trucks and Wheel Lift Tow Trucks. All these tow trucks have their specific uses.
  2. Commercial and Larger Vehicle Towing – Sometimes you may require a towing service for a larger vehicle or a vehicle that is not a traditional family sedan. For these instances some Tow companies can come out with a Tow Truck specifically designed for this type of work. The most popular type of tow truck that is used for these larger vehicle tow services are the Wheel Lift Tow Truck. This type of Tow Truck has a heavy-duty metal yolk. The metal yolk with the use of a hydraulic arm allows the Tow Truck to suspend a large amount of weight in the air without any real risk of damage.
  3. Lock Out Service – There is nothing more frustrating than locking yourself out of your vehicle. Today with the amount of technology in vehicles it’s easy for something to go wrong and get into a situation where you are locked out of your vehicle. Tow Truck companies have tools that allow them to access vehicles. These door lockout tools whilst they may look simply require some patients and ability. Since Tow companies have seen many different vehicles and have experience, they also know back up and safety entrances provided by vehicle manufacturers.
  4. Dead Batteries – Car batteries don’t last forever. There is going to be a time when your battery gives out on you. Hopefully its when you are at homes but its common for it to happen when you are out an about. Tow Truck companies can come out to you with jump starter kits. These kits are large and provide extremely high voltage to the terminals of the battery. These portable chargers are usually a more heavy-duty option then what is available in traditional auto-shops.

 Tow companies are versatile and offer a wide range or services. Whether you need a Tow or a Jump start. Getting into a situation where you car break down can be extremely unpleasant and there are times where its best to call the professionals who can get you out of your situation safely and quickly.

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