Maintenance Areas You Need To Check as a New Homeowner


Becoming a homeowner is a huge accomplishment. There’s a lot to celebrate and take in. The role can be a little overwhelming, but there are ways to delegate different tasks so everything is a little more manageable. Owning a home means you’re responsible for the upkeep. Here are the maintenance areas you need to check as a new homeowner.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors often go neglected because, unless there’s a fire, people don’t pay much attention to them. As soon as you purchase your home, you need to check both detectors to ensure that they are working.

If the detectors don’t work, replace the batteries. Then, check the detectors every three to six months to ensure things are still working. Having an ineffective carbon monoxide detector is very dangerous.

Grout and Caulking

Grout and caulking need to always be a priority. It’s easy for those areas to experience more wear and tear. Homeowners need to re-grout and re-caulk to prevent cold air and pests from getting inside the home.

Do a walk-through of your property to look for holes in the grout or caulking. Run your hands along the windows to see if air is seeping through the sides. There may be other areas of your home that need re-caulking, like small cracks in the exterior. This is especially important when it comes time to evaluate your home’s exterior.

HVAC System and Filters

If you’re having HVAC problems, there are things you can check before calling an expert. And it might save you some money too. If your HVAC system is not working properly, do a quick maintenance check yourself.

Be proactive with your HVAC inspections. Always stay a step ahead so you don’t need to worry about the system failing when you need it most. Cleaning out the filters and making sure the vents are clear are good first steps.

The Furnace

The furnace keeps your home warm, and these winters seem to get colder and colder. Conduct a home inspection before and after the purchase. Once that’s complete, the inspector can tell you the state of the furnace.

If the furnace ever goes out, sometimes a simple match can do the trick. Relighting the fire can get you squared away, but you need to proceed with caution so you don’t injure yourself. Being a new homeowner means you need to check and maintain every area of your property frequently.

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