Kitchen Renovations that will Increase Your Resale Value

Thinking about possibly selling your home? Maybe you’re not even there yet- but it would be nice to increase the value of your space, wouldn’t it? There’s one room in your home that can single-handedly up your value without doing a total home renovation. The kitchen.

According to Southern Living, below the Mason-Dixon line the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here are six kitchen renovations that can help you increase the value of your home without breaking your bank!

  1. Install Granite Counter Tops

According to Zillow, homes that had granite counter tops have a 4% sales premium when listed on their site- and sold 38 days faster than other homes! Other homes that had outdated or undesirable surfaces, such as laminate, were on the latter end of those statistics. We suggest being sure to still pick out tasteful granite of quality to ensure these results.

  1. Increase Storage Space

Storage is valuable in most areas of the home, but particularly in the kitchen. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 80% of homebuyers are in search of a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Increase your storage throughout your space with cabinets were applicable as well.

  1. Not all backsplash is created equal.

Having tasteful backsplash in the home creates value on it’s own. But research is showing that there’s one backsplash trend outperforming the rest- Subway Tile.  According to Zillow, homes that have Subway tile backsplash in the home are selling for 13% more and 60 days faster than other homes.

  1. Farm House Sinks take the prize.

Stainless steel is falling behind in the race for sink-lovers hearts in the south. Homes that have what is called an “apron-style” farmhouse sink are selling for almost 8% more.  These large, deep sinks contribute practical elements as well as design appeal to your kitchen.

  1. Tearing down walls.

Open floor plans are all in. A kitchen survey by Houzz showed that both homebuyers and home renovators preferred an open floor plan between the kitchen and other living spaces. These trends allow for more relational and communal living in the home.

  1. Making room for sitting down.

The same survey from Houzz demonstrated that a designated eating space is essential in homes today. The days of the TV tray are on their way out. 70% of home owners today create a designated space to sit down and eat.

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