Keep Warm Outside This Winter with Patio Heaters and More

After the last two years we’ve had, socialising outdoors whenever we like is top of our priority list. But living in the colder climates (even summer evenings can be nippy in the UK), could mean the party comes to an end earlier than we’d like when we’re dining or partying alfresco.

However, staying outside for as long as you’d like, yes, even in the coldest months of the year, can be possible! We had plenty of time to up our garden game thanks to the pandemic, with garden centres and garden furniture being more popular than ever. So it’s no shock that we want to show them off now we can host gatherings again.

From stylish patio heaters to upgrading your blanket collection, here’s what we recommend for the colder months when you want to stay alfresco.

Patio Heater

You know that feeling of excitement when you realise your seat outside a pub or restaurant has a patio heater nearby? Why not bring that very same excitement into your own garden? Patio heaters are the ultimate way of staying warm all year round. Allow the flame to light up your garden as well as keep your guests lovely and toasty. 

Gas-powered and strikingly powerful, you’ll be able to keep the party going outdoors for a large group of people without any worries. You can find one suited to any style, from classic black to shining silver.

Fire Pits

Please gather ‘round the fire pit immediately (sorry, we had to). Gaining a great spotlight on Love Island since it first aired in 2015, it’s no surprise that fire pits have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years (COVID probably helped a lot with that, too). 

Not only are they a stylish addition to your garden and great for putting snacks and drinks in the centre for everyone, but they are also perfect for hosting large groups as everyone can perch a chair nearby.


For those who don’t have the budget for large fire pits and patio heaters, a smaller chiminea could work just as well. There are plenty of styles of chiminea to choose from to suit your budget. Opt for a tall steel version if you’re expecting a group of guests, or keep it simple with a classic terracotta type. 

The terracotta style can also double up as a grill so you can cook outdoors whilst staying warm at the same time. A chiminea is also a good choice for those with children as the flame is enclosed, making it a safer option.

You can also try out a portable fireplace that you can use indoors or outdoors, making it cost-effective. Available in a range of styles, you can choose a design that suits your aesthetic.

Heat Lamps

If you don’t have room for large patio heaters, you can find smaller heat lamps that’ll do just as good a job! Place them near your seating area and transform your outdoor area to keep the party going. This is a great option if you like to hide your heaters away instead of having tall standing heaters.

Heated Decking

If you’re lucky enough to have decking in your garden, why not level it up and add underfloor heating? There’s nothing worse than having cold feet, and this will no longer be a problem once your decking can keep them nice and toasty!

Heated flooring is usually more popular indoors, but outdoor heated flooring is great for warming up your patio and de-icing surfaces.

Lots, Lots (and Lots) of Blankets

If the previous suggestions were out of your budget, no need to worry. There are still ways to keep you and your guests warm when it gets colder outside. This includes blankets. There are plenty of different types to choose from at all price ranges, and you can even opt for Snoodies and Onesies for that extra layer of comfort and warmth (they’d make for a great photo too!)

Get Outside

If we’ve learnt anything these last few years, it’s that the outdoors does wonders for our mental health and being able to spend as much time outside as possible is key for those who have struggled. These tips will hopefully help transform your garden into a warm haven for friends and family to enjoy all season long.

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