Keep the Spark Alive: 7 Creative Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

Whether you’ve been with someone for a while or just started the relationship, you should want to make sure things are fun and spontaneous.  Since nobody wants to feel like they are in a monotonous relationship, it’s really important to try your best to keep it fresh. You won’t always be able to have a spontaneous night and do something extra adventurous. However, there are creative ways to keep the spark alive that are more low-key but just as exciting. Take a look at these seven creative ideas that will surprise your partner.

Write Them A Letter — Pen and Paper!

In our day and age, it’s becoming increasingly rare to read and write using paper and pen. Though there’s nothing wrong with a thoughtful good morning text or a surprise email,  taking the time to craft your loved one a nice letter using pen and paper demonstrates that you really care. Not everyone can write something thoughtful and meaningful spontaneously. Here are a few things that can help inspire you to write a beautiful, sincere letter:

  • The First Time You Met: Think about the first time you met your partner. Can you recall any details about where it was? What were they wearing? Where did you go together? This is a great starting point for writing a thoughtful letter.
  • Favorite Qualities: If you are struggling to think of where to start with your letter, you should try recalling what made you fall for your partner in the first place. Was it their laugh? Their smile? The way they can make you feel better regardless of what’s happening?
  • A Story: Are you a creative writer? You can make something a little bit conceptual and write a letter from the point of view of their favorite film or literary character.

Help Them Run Some Errands

When your partner is really busy with personal matters or work, it may seem like they are too overwhelmed to spend time with you. But what’s really happening is that they just need some time cleared up in their schedule. You can help them out by doing some of their errands. You’ll be surprised to see how romantic it could be. Pick up their dry-cleaning, wash their clothes, clean their room, or make them a nice dinner. Check off anything on their to-do list you feel comfortable with.


Make A Scrapbook

You can surprise your partner with a special scrapbook. In this day and age, everything is so digital. When you make something tangible and unique, it doesn’t go unnoticed. You can go through your social media feeds and see if there are any special selfies you’ve taken together. Go through your drawers and look for any loose pieces of memorabilia from your time together — ticket stubs, photo booth pictures, stained menus from that first Valentine’s date.

Arrange Some Relaxing Alone Time

Even if your lives are super chaotic and busy, you should try your best to make some alone time for your partner. Not everyone has the time to go on an adventurous vacation so you may have to be realistic. However, there’s a lot you can do in one day!  Here are a few relaxing things you can surprise your partner with on a day off:

  • Spa: Spend a day getting massages, eating healthy meals, and unwinding in a sauna. A lot of spas have special packages for couples.
  • Hike: Especially if your partner is feeling stressed at work, they may need some hours away from the computer. Go on a hike together. With so many trails and parks to choose from, you won’t get bored!
  • Improv: Maybe you guys need to do something silly and spontaneous. An improv class is just what you may need! You guys can step out of your element and just be lighthearted and goofy. Improv is also fantastic for communication skills.
  • Cooking Class: Are you sick of eating the same thing at every meal? Surprise your partner with a cooking class where the two of you can learn how to make some new dishes. Maybe, there’s a cuisine your partner is particularly intrigued by.  The best part? You get to eat what you make!


Wear Lingerie

Sometimes, you need to spice things up in the bedroom as well. Surprise your partner with a sexy set of lingerie — it’s a great way to make your partner feel super confident prior to getting intimate together. If you’re experiencing any sexual health cocnerns that could be impacting your performance in the bedroom such as low libido or erectile dysfunction, look into treatment options that are readily availale online. With telemedicine, you can get the help you need from the comfort of your home. There’s no reason you should feel ashamed. When you open up to your partner, they will know how to help you feel like your best, sexiest self!

Try Their Hobbies

As the adage goes, “opposites attract.”  You don’t have to like every single one of your partner’s interests. But especially if you have very different hobbies, it could be really exciting to surprise them by doing something they are into. For instance, are they super into dancing? Surprise them with a dance class! Or, are they into cars? Research a car show and book a day trip. You never know if you will also like it!

Book A Hotel Room

Maybe what the two of you need is to get away for a little bit. Book a hotel room or AirBnb at a nearby destination spot. Whether it’s a sandy beach or snowy mountaintop, you will be able to unwind and enjoy one another’s company. If you can’t fit a trip in your schedule, another great option is the stay-cation. Book a swanky hotel room, order in room service, and relax together in an extra bubbly bubble bath! At the end of the day, you know your partner the best. If there’s something in the list that you know won’t work for them, you don’t have to do it. However, you should embrace spontaneity and creativity and let your partner know that you’re up for more adventures.

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