Instagram Videos Beating YouTube Content?

Was there ever a time when Instagram thumped YouTube when it comes to the beauty of its video contents?

There were moments.

While YouTube remains the undisputed video content platform, there were moments when Instagram videos also caught the viewers’ attention.

An example is Oreo’s tribute to its partner beverage – the milk – during the World Milk Day. Oreo created a musical tribute then and the audience loved it.

Another clever video that caught people’s attention is the Target tag-a-friend-during-road trips video. It certainly reached thousands of Instagrammers with most of them inviting their friends to join in the fun.

Holiday Videos That Rocked

Labor Day isn’t the type of holiday that has the Internet flooded with BBQ and weekend vacation pictures. The most videoed holiday – of all time – in the whole of North America was the celebration of Independence Day in 2013. The videos that were uploaded then were not uploaded on YouTube but on Instagram.

The new video-and-photo sharing social networking site was acquired by Facebook for no less than $1 billion USD in both cash and stocks. Because of this acquisition, it was no surprise that Instagram picked up in terms of internet traffic.

A Tough Competitor

Instagram remains the toughest competitor of YouTube and the latter must do all that it can to stop the former from dethroning it. People are ever on the lookout for the top video destination so YouTube does everything by the letter. Google spent a great number of years in refining the video platform. Creators and marketers feel safe when they post a video there. YouTube and its makers are also aware of legal proceedings so they make sure that those who post there follow certain rules.

Content ID is also YouTube’s idea of keeping videos from being copied. Copyright owners are able to identify, even manage their content on the platform. Audio and video content is constantly scanned against the Content ID database, and a claim is generated should there be any hits.

Those who own the copyright have several options in treating infringement ranging from muting to blocking the videos.

It is also more inspiring to see a YouTube video that has achieved more than a million hits than the same video on Instagram. A view on YouTube has to be no less than 30 seconds in order to be counted as a verifiable view.

Sites such as Instagram and Facebook counts views after just three seconds while Twitter counts views based on a click. These can cause inflated numbers that advertisers cannot use and trust.

YouTube videos have audio that plays right away. Other video content sites take a few minutes to play their audio, some don’t play at all.

Another winning benefit of posting a video on YouTube is that you get a shot at showing up in Google’s search engine results. Most of the top results for generic searches are YouTube videos. Most video content sites rank behind YouTube all of the time. With these in mind, have your company formulate a video that is YouTube-worthy so that you can finally effectively monetize your online presence.

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