Important Tips How to Maintain Kitchen Accessories

A kitchen would not function fully without the kitchen accessories. Some of them may be small in size, but still they have a huge part in every cooking endeavor. Kitchen accessories are usually represented by ladles, eggbeaters, spatulas, scrapers, kitchen knives, can openers, oil container, spice containers and so many more. Usually, kitchen accessories are those that are used in the actual cooking and the preparation of the food. With these accessories, food preparations become a lot easier and faster. However, just how can one maintain the good condition of these accessories? Here is how:

  1. First, after every use, you have to wipe and wash them initially. This is to make sure those food particles and stains would not stick themselves into the accessory. Other than that, washing them initially would only make the actual washing of these accessories faster.
  2. Set aside. Be sure to place them in a place where it is clean or far from any source of dirt. You can place them in the dishwasher, lavatory or even in a basin filled with water and soap. This way, the food particles would slowly detach themselves from the surface of the item.
  3. On the actual washing, fill the basin with water and special kind of cleaner. Soap would also do, just choose the one that could effectively remove stain and odor from the item. One by one, wipe and scrub the accessories until they are all soaped up.
  4. Wash them with clean water and rinse. After the majority of the water has been drained already, you can wipe them dry with cloth or paper towels.
  5. You should also sterilize these accessories once in a while so that all the bacteria would be eliminated. This way, you would be assured that you are using absolutely zero-bacteria accessories. You can do the sterilizing by simply boiling a pot of water and bringing it to the highest heat temperature and letting the accessories stay in the pot for about five minutes. For accessories made out of plastic, you can only expose them to the boiling water in just a short span of time, or else they will melt or will deform.
  6. After drying, you have to store them in their proper and respective places.  Doing so would only eliminate the possibility of being contaminated with bacteria and germs brought by insects.
  7. Also, make sure that the container is sealed and free from the presence of common kitchen insects like rats and cockroaches.
  8. You can spray some insecticides on areas where there is a possible existence of these kitchen insects. Just make sure that these accessories are far from the place or covered when you do the spraying.

Executing this cleaning routine would not only help lengthen the life of these accessories, it also helps ensure that the food being processed is absolutely free from bacteria. This routine is just simple and there is no need for you to actually allot time just to do it. You can do this every evening before going to bed. For sure, your kitchen accessories would look good as new.

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