Important Things to Know About Your Gutters

The gutter system that we know of today was first utilized thousands of years ago by the ancient Romans. Today, other than the materials used and the homes they are attached to, the gutter system has remained relatively unchanged. Gutters are designed to allow water to flow off roofs and into our waste -water systems. Even though it may sound simple, the job that gutters perform are essential to any home. If a home is not installed with functioning gutters water would flow around the home from the roof like a chocolate fondue fountain. This would create severe consequences. Causing water to pile up in the gardening and over time negatively impacting the structure of the foundation.

 Like anything gutters also require maintenance. Its easy for gutters to get clogged with things like leaves and even over time start to deteriorate. Even if you are in an area that is not impacted by trees, severe weather can really affect your gutters. With all the problems that can arise from having gutters the main issue most homeowners face are dirty and clogged gutters.

To combat the issue there is a lot of new technology out there to mitigate the problem of clogged and dirty gutters. One of those being gutter systems like ‘Leaf Guard’. What is Leaf Guard? Picture a gutter system with a lid on it to prevent leaves from getting in, but with an opening large enough to left water flow in. This type of design and product Is very smart. Not only will it stop leaves and debris coming into your gutter, but also snow and animals. This type of product are slightly more pricey than traditional gutters but if you live in an area effected by tree mess, this may be a great solution for you.

You don’t have to go out and buy a leaf guard type gutter system to have well-functioning gutters. A simple maintenance schedule which involves getting you gutters cleaned and checked once a year will be more than enough. Gutter cleaning is such a simple preventative measure that all homeowners should take but unfortunately only relatively few do. For the ones that don’t, this can end up costing them thousands down the line. There a many issues that can arise from gutters that are not performing. Some of these issues include, Roof Sliding, Fascia issues, garden damage, foundation issues and even issues to the siding of your home. All it takes is a simple call to a Gutter Cleaning Company to come out and get the job done. The service is relatively cheap and is something that also does not need to happen when you are at home.

What material is best for me?

Even though the fundamental design of the gutter system has remained quite the same. Advancements in technology has made for some strong, cheap and visually appealing options available to homeowners of the 21st century. There are quite a few options out there but here are a list of the main ones you will see out there today.

  1. Aluminum – The most common and in our opinion the most durable. The material can be painted and is light weight allowing for a quick install that is visually appealing.
  2. Copper – A mix between orange and pink. These gutters add some wow factor to your home. Although that can be more expensive. These gutters are less likely to rust or crack over a long period of time.
  3. Polyvinyl Gutter – Also known as PVC. This is a tough plastic that you will usually see in building sites. This material is cheap and allows for a quick and easy install, however if you are more concerned with the long term performance, we would recommend staying clear of these.

Keep you gutters clean and if you need a new gutter system make sure you call the right Gutter Repair Company to do the job right.

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