Important Instructions While Choosing and Caring for Bakery Cases

Opening a bakery shop might be an answer to one’s passion in cooking and baking. Being an owner entails a lot of responsibilities, from business planning to the canvassing of suppliers. It does not only deal with cooking and baking alone; thus, it helps people to learn new things in opening the business. One of the major responsibilities that the owner must do is to supply the bakery with top quality equipment for their products. The kitchen and the display counter should be well-equipped to give the best service to customers. Furthermore, aesthetics are a major plus in any restaurant or bakery, which is why choosing and caring for the equipment is a crucial step.

Bakery cases are one of the most important things in the bakery business. It is used to display your goods to the customer. It features a glass panel so customers can directly see what you have to offer. Bakery cases also have cooling and heating systems that control the temperature and protect the goods from being ruined. In addition, their tiered design and soft lighting system bring out the appetite of most customers.

Buying a bakery case should be an easy task for soon-to-be bakery owners. If it is your first time in handling the business, here are some tips in choosing and caring for the said equipment:


  1. In choosing the right bakery case, make sure to get the right supplier. Research online for top-rated suppliers in your state. Or you can also make use of your phone directory to get an idea on how many bakery equipment suppliers are in your area. Do not forget to ask for referrals from your friends and family in case they know someone who can provide.
  2. Price comparison should be done when buying all equipment, not just bakery cases. Investing in top quality supplies is a must but if you can save, even if it is just a little amount, then do not hesitate. As long as the equipment can do its purpose, then you do not need to feel guilty about scrimping.
  3. When you already have a supplier, determine the right type of case for you. What are you planning to display? Will it be more on cakes and cupcakes or you only want to display bread? Some cases are multipurpose and can accommodate all kinds of pastries, but these are on the high-end market. If you are still tight on budget, know what you need and buy it at a good price. There are refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases so make sure to do your research.
  4. Aesthetics are important. Make sure that the case fits well in your shop. Colors won’t be a problem since most cases have black, white or chrome colors. As much as possible, place it near the counter so people will not be inconvenienced to walk from one place to another just to choose or pay.
  5. Caring for your bakery case should include wiping the glass and the inside to rid of moisture and dust daily. You should also check the temperature system to avoid problems like leaks and faulty refrigeration. If you have found problems with the temperature, have it fixed immediately or your goods will be completely ruined. When you close down for the day, make sure that all products are transferred to your walk-in refrigerator for overnight cooling. Turn off the equipment and check all the plugs.

Handling a bakery is an exciting business. Visual presentations can be really persuasive so never hesitate to display your best sellers and your new products to the customers, to boost sales.

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