How to Hire the Right Video Production Company for Your Web Video

Okay, it’s a given that not all video production companies are created equal. After all, the most effective online marketing videos have powerful, believable messages to deliver so not all videographers can offer you that. When faced with the difficult decision of hiring a video production company for your marketing shoot, be sure to consider these few points –

Search for a Specialist

Don’t take someone who just knows to operate a video camera. There is a huge difference between an amateur videographer and a pro who has done many video projects in the past. The creation of a professional video also requires editing, script writing, even proper branding so be sure to find a company that has a consistent high standard in terms of quality.

Check the Video Producer’s Credentials

Look for the production company’s past projects, show reels and portfolio. Reflect upon their past video projects unless they tell you that they have created commercially-sensitive projects, then don’t force to look beyond the tip of the iceberg.

Search for Case Studies and Video Testimonials

You’ve got to ask yourself this – is the company as good as they claim they are? Look for customer satisfaction surveys or case studies. Be careful in trusting testimonials, though. Make sure that those who testified have verifiable identities and contact details so that you can ask about their past projects. There are many so-called testimonials online that only show the customer’s first name. Don’t be too quick in trusting written testimonials.

Look for Online Reviews

Online review page in Google can serve as a reliable record of performance levels. This can be found on the Google+ page. Such reviews are real and can never be forged so you will find truthful insights in there regarding video production companies. Those reviews will tell you whether the customers were pleased or pissed with the video that has been made for them.

Present a Brief

You must create a video production brief to ascertain that your video would achieve what it needs to present. The rough brief should help the video production company understand the objective of the project. In many cases, the production company can quote a price without even meeting with you. When this happens, it’s time for your red flag to be raised.

So take the time to discuss your brief with your list of probable hirees.

Discuss the Cost

After the initial meeting, the video production firm must be able to provide a quote for your proposed project. Just be sure that the company writes – in black and white – the cost per minute as well as your other specific requirements.

Discuss any budget limitations from the onset.

Will They Connect with Your Audience?

The online world will always be a busy world which is why you need to find means of connecting to your target audience. In today’s market, pretty pictures are no longer sufficient. The video’s message must be powerful enough to dispel clutter and to engage your audience.

Agree on the Deadlines

It is also important to agree on the video production deadlines. Both parties must work towards a common goal which is to deliver a structured, detailed video. The video production company must guide you in deploying your company’s message to the world so choose only the best.

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