How to Have a More Comfortable Morning Run

How to Have a More Comfortable Morning Run

How to Have a More Comfortable Morning Run

Many people rave about the morning run and the incredible impact it can have on the rest of the day. For one, it can decrease stress and boost your energy levels. However, there are some things that can interrupt your groove and cause your run to be exhausting or even monotonous. Fitness experts are sharing some of their favorite tips on how to enjoy a more comfortable morning run.

Celebs Lacing Up In The A.M.

Even famous folks keep in shape by running, and plenty of them enjoy the morning take-off for the awesome benefits it can deliver. Runner’s World Magazine reported that designer Victoria Beckham laces up her trainers for a three-mile run every A.M. and then, works out with a personal trainer for 60 minutes.

Actress Reese Witherspoon is also often spotted by fans as she and her friends and husband take a daily jog around L.A.

Eating Carbohydrates

Whether you’re famous or not famous and are loyal to your morning run, the experts recommend that you shouldn’t head for the door without snacking on some carbohydrates first. Your body needs more than just a drink of water, according to Dr. Lewis Maharam, former president of the New York chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine. His advice is to enjoy eating a banana, a bagel with peanut butter, fruit with yogurt, or pretzels with hummus.

Warming Up The Muscles

The pros at Runner’s World Magazine also say that healthy running in the morning is a good thing to do, but a pre-run warm-up is important. Their recommendations are to do at least five minutes of dynamic stretching to prevent muscle injury. Dynamic stretching means stretching that involves constant movement.

A few of these stretches would include arm circles, leg cross-overs, knee hugs, etc. These will prepare the muscles and joints and increase blood flow.

Wearing Proper Running Shoes

Your footwear is one of the most important factors in getting in a comfortable morning run. If your sneakers are falling apart and have seen better days, then, toss them out and purchase the right running shoes for your needs. This will depend on your arch size, how long you run, if you’re focused on speed, etc. Also, a quality pair of orthotic soles can provide exceptional support, cushioning, and stride control.

Every individual who runs deserves the proper shoes that allow one to land correctly on their feet and potentially reduce the risk of injuries.

Drinking To Stay Hydrated

When you don’t get enough water, your body will let you know through muscle cramping, headaches, or fatigue. To avoid such discomfort, fitness trainers advise drinking between 6 ounces and 8 ounces of water when you awaken for your morning run.

Water is essential to maintain hydration and to help you perform at your best. You can also carry a small, handheld bottle of water for the run.

Getting Adequate Sleep

Even if you’re a professional runner, you can’t expect superb performance if you’re not getting enough rest. The human body goes into recovery mode when sleeping, and experts recommend at least seven to nine hours of ZZZs every night. Some sleep specialists even suggest 10 hours of sleep for great running results. Without adequate rest, you won’t have the energy in the morning for a comfortable and healthy run.

Going to bed at the same time each night is another good habit to form to keep you in the discipline of consistent morning runs.

Setting A Goal

This is unique for any runner who is at a professional level, a beginner’s level or anywhere in between. To maintain that morning run and avoid boredom, for example, fitness experts advise setting a goal. Maybe for you, it’s running until you complete a playlist of 20 songs. For someone else, it may be running for 45 minutes.

Setting a goal can help you better your performance and keep you motivated with every step you take. Running’s a fantastic form of exercise, and those who prefer the morning run believe it can jumpstart your day and deliver incredible benefits. Follow the tips outlined above to get you in your groove. Happy trails, everyone!

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