How To Design Your Home To Keep You Warm Through Winter

Design Your Home To Keep You Warm Through Winter

Design Your Home To Keep You Warm Through Winter

With the winter months around the corner, many people are buying items that will help keep them warm during winter. Furthermore, due to the cost of living crisis, people are looking to find innovative ways to keep their homes warm this winter. One of the best ways to do this would be to wear an extra layer or two. However, during winter, the nights can get cold which is why people are shopping around to find ways to keep their homes warm.

It isn’t just warmth that we seek during winter. It also includes light. When you wake up in the morning before work, you will notice it is still dark. When you return from work, it will still be dark. Keeping your lights on all morning whilst having the central heating turned on can be costly. Not to mention the fridge, tumble dryer and all the other electrical items you will have on.

If you want to save money on utility bills and soften the increased prices of the cost of living crisis, you have come to the right place.

Thick Duvet and Blankets

Duvets and blankets are something that you will be needing this winter. It isn’t just any duvet that you will want either, it is a winter duvet. Look out for tog ratings of duvets and try to find one above 10 for the tog rating. Depending on the warmth of your home, you may even need a tog above 13. The winter nights can be cold and if you are one of those who don’t wear pyjamas in bed, you will need a higher tog. Additionally, you will need blankets this winter. This includes bed throws and a blanket for the sofa.

A Mattress That Regulates Your Body’s Temperature

A temperature-regulated mattress is something that many people are buying this year. It is easy to understand why as well. These products are great for keeping you warm and cool so not only are they good for winter, but they are also good for summer.

In the winter months, we are all guilty of using a hot water bottle or an electric blanket. If you have a temperature-regulated mattress, there will be no need to put the heating on before bed or turn on the kettle for your hot water bottle.

Window Blinds and Curtains

Up next, we have window blinds and curtains. These are long-term investments but one thing we can assure you is they are worth it. Usually, people will buy these to control the light that enters the rooms through the windows. Now, people are buying these to ensure none of the heat is leaving the room.

Surprisingly, wooden Venetian blinds are great for both controlling the light and keeping the heat in your home. Additionally, wood is a fantastic insulator which is why it is great for keeping your rooms warm.

There are a lot of blinds to choose from for your room but we would recommend you ask the window blinds experts to see what is best. If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory, you will need to invest in conservatory roof blinds as well if you wish to keep the cold out.

Curtains are also good for keeping the heat in your room, especially if your window is drafty. Moreover, curtains are good for decoration, so you can use them to decorate your room if you need to. For example, if you have a plain living room, we suggest you buy curtains to add more colour to your room.

Adapt Your Windows To Make Them Cold-Proof

Windows will also lose a lot of heat. It may be all well and good having blinds and curtains in your window but, you can still lose heat if they are old and weathered. If you are ever unsure that your windows are letting heat out, you should probably use a smoke pen and follow where the smoke goes.

Old homes will have old windows, meaning that you could lose a lot of heat through these. Either buy new windows or, choose the more affordable option and use weather strips. The last thing you want to do this winter is leave your heating on and all of the warmth leave through your windows.

To Conclude

So there you have it, your complete guide to keeping your home warm this winter. Remember to turn off the radiators in the rooms you are not in. Also, ensure that you are using weatherproof strips on old doors and windows. If you ever want to keep just one room warm for a few hours, shop around for an energy-efficient heater. If you ever think your doors are drafty, purchase draft excluders for them. This winter will be expensive so make sure you are doing all of these things to ensure your home stays warm this winter.

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