Kitchen tools play an equally important task with that of the kitchen equipment. That is why business owners with food establishments should not take these for granted. These tools are commonly represented by the knives, mixing bowls, ladles, pans and the like. They are the smaller items usually used in the preparation of food. Moreover, just like the equipment, kitchen tools need to be taken care of as well. Such is important, to preserve their quality and to lengthen their use in the kitchen.

Kitchen tools are actually easier to maintain, all you have to do is do the following steps:

  1. After every use, always make sure that you initially clean the tool. You can either wash it with water or simply wipe it with a clean cloth. Then set it aside. This way, the food particles would not have a chance to stick totally to its surface, which will eventually cause difficulty in the cleaning of tools.
  2. After the service is done, organize these tools according to its kind. Through this, you would have an easy access and the cleaning task would turn out fast and smooth.
  3. Soak those tools that need to be washed, and dismantle those tools that needed to be brushed thoroughly. For those tools that are badly stained from the cooking, you can have them soaked for longer hours so that the stain would easily be removed.
  4. Start with those that need to be washed. With the use of a special cleaning solution, thoroughly wash the kitchen tools with clean water. Just make sure that all the parts are cleaned and all the unwanted particles removed from the tools.
  5. Then, for those kitchen tools with several parts, have each part washed and brushed thoroughly with the use of the same cleaning solution. All parts should be wiped and brushed. In addition, all the unwanted debris should also be removed. Rinse and set it aside.
  6. Gather all the kitchen tools and wipe them one by one. It is important that these tools be all dried up so that rust build up would not take place. With this, you can use a water absorbing cloth or a tissue to remove effectively the water off the surface. For those tools that are quite hard to dry, you can use a dryer or an electric fan to help dry them up pretty fast.
  7. Then, place them in their respective containers.
  8. Once every week, it is a must that you have them sterilized so that bacteria build up would not take place at all. This way, you will be very confident that you are using a bacteria free tool and producing an absolutely clean food.

Having these tools always cleaned up only ensures the quality of food service you are having with your clients. This is also one way of freeing yourself from the possibility of serving contaminated food. Other than that, it is always nice seeing all your tools cleaned up and organized. With this, you would have that light and easy feeling while working.

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