A great cook, no matter how exceptional, will not be able to create quality food if the food source is not following standards. You will always be judged on how the food tastes rather than how beautiful it was presented.  To be successful in this job, you must not only serve delicious food but also make sure that your restaurant suppliers are top-notch.

Since it is very important to be able to produce top caliber food, you must make sure that the ingredients are high quality too. It is sensible to choose your suppliers thoroughly. Search for excellent restaurant suppliers who are known for their quality. Do not even try to cheat on the cost of food supplies (the choosing of lower quality over high quality); since, you would be serving them to many people. Do not ever take that for granted.

To search for good restaurant suppliers, you can first try with referrals from known restaurants and bars. Although they will not give you all their contacts because of competition, you can approach their suppliers when they deliver for the restaurant, for instance. Get contact details and ask for prices and supplies.

You can also try looking for restaurant suppliers online. Many restaurant suppliers are mentioned on food blogs so you can Google their company details.  You can also check the directories of your state’s food association for a list of good suppliers.

However, when dealing with online vendors, you have to be very cautious since there are many fraudulent vendors out there. Before dealing with a company, you need to check how long they have been in the business, if they can provide you samples of their products first before you buy, their payment terms and return policies for the food supplies, including the minimum orders and discounts for early or cash payments for bulk orders.

Another way of finding great restaurant suppliers is to attend food bazaars, fairs, events, or exhibitions in your local area or major cities known for its best produce. Test the kitchen supplies to check the quality.

If in case you cannot find a quality supplier for fresh goods, consider doing it yourself. If you are experiencing difficulties getting mushroom, vegetables, fruits or herbs, you can always make a small garden so that you can reap your own produce. This way you are guaranteed that it is fresh and you know its top quality.

Once you have a list of possible business partners, you can start purchasing from them and establish good relationship with your suppliers. Nevertheless, you are not connected to them unless you signed a legal document. Therefore, if one of your suppliers fails to meet your standards, then you can always look for another supplier, which is possibly better than the last.

Remember to be very careful in dealing with suppliers as they are what you need to make it in the food business. Create a good relationship with them so in return you know that they will prioritize your restaurant for their best products.

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