How to Add Color to Areas Around Your Home

How to Add Color to Areas Around Your Home

Let’s face itYour home is one of your most important investments, and you want your interior spaces to reflect your personalityThat is where color can enhance any space and create a gorgeous, warm, inviting place to beThe right shades can also exude a modern vibe and allow your home decor to stand outOur color experts are sharing their favorite ideas for taking your home’s aesthetic to the next level.

●    Use Paint

If there’s one way to makeover any space whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it is through the beauty of paintYou can transform any room with the perfect hue, and best of all, it’s an affordable, fast and effective way of boosting your style of design.

You can color your world, and select any shade on the planetSome folks enjoy sprucing up the home’s exteriorpainting their front door a bright hueThat’s the first, instant example of curb appeal that brings guests into your home.

Don’t stop thereInside, you can create an eye-catching roomusing textured wall paint for decorative interest that adds depth and a unique finish to your space.

Then, hang up some bold artwork, and you’ve designed a lovely focal point.

●    Reflect the Light

Another way to enhance the colors you have in your home is via natural light, and a few mirrors can help to achieve this beautiful balance.

A large mirror can fill an empty wall in a clever way because it will pick up the hues you already have in your home and reflect them across the roomAlso, inbound sunlight will bounce back into a room and add a pleasing visual effect.

Mirrors come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and can offer a stunning accentIf your room feels too dark, a mirror can allow your room to appear brighter as well as make a small space look a lot larger.

●    Lay Down A Rug

Your floors are another key part of the design equation to consider, and once again, color is your friend.

Your rug is the anchor to a room, and it can tie in a furnished spaceadding softness and cozinessYou can play around with texture, too, for a striking effect.

You can also layer rugs over hardwood flooring or over a wall-to-wall rug, etc.

Maybe you have a large neutral-colored rug in the living roomYou could bring in pops of color that blend with your sofa or curtains in a smaller rug to lay over the large rug.

Spreading color underfoot is attractive and can provide an instant interior transformation.

●    Toss On Accents

The same pillows on your couch in the den can look old pretty fast, right?

That is why small, colorful accents can refresh the den, bedroom, living room, etc.

Throw pillows are comfy and add style and coziness to a space, and you can have funmixing and matching printsYou can play with proportions and shape.

Don’t forget, you can also throw on some color with a blanket, quilt or pretty fringed throw, for exampleChoose a bright shade, and drape it over the back of a chair for that pop of color that adds depth to the room.

●    Go Green Indoors

Taking a bit of nature and bringing it indoors to freshen your space is another popular way that folks add greenery as an accent color to their roomsSome have green thumbs and can grow amazing plants and florals that look healthy and add texture to their interior surroundings.

If you aren’t keen on growing the real thing, then try adding artificial plantsEven celebrities buy those to furnish a space with nature’s finestA lot of today’s faux greenery is high-quality and can fool even the most discerning eye.

An olive tree in the bedroom corner is a nice gestureIt’s become the favorite home decor plant of the interior design world.


Your home is your personal space, and using color here and there can really transform a roomIt doesn’t take much to freshen your spaceUse your imagination, study the color wheel, and have fun with pops of color!

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