House Clearance: The Ultimate Guide to Declutter your House

Choosing the house clearance company might look simple and easy but there are a few things which you have to consider to ensure that you’re working with a reliable and reputable service. If you don’t hire the right one, you might end up inviting wrong people to your home and risking damage to your stuff and property. But with these ultimate guide, it will be easy for you to declutter your house. But before that let’s clear some of the doubts about the clearance service.

Do you need the service?

It is a domestic service that involves clearance of small or big house. People opt for this service when they want to remove or shift their stuff in bulk from basement, house, garage or shed. There are certain situations when you need a clearance company, such as:

  • Clearing home of a deceased person
  • Shifting to another home or place
  • Preparing it for sale
  • Trying to renovate it
  • After a bereavement

In each case, you need to clear your house with its content. You might be considering to clear it on your own but it can be time-consuming and a tough job. Moreover, you will need a van to transport or a bin to dispose of your goods. By hiring the professional, it will be easy for you to shift or recycle your stuff. They will take care of everything.

Hire the right company

To clear any deceased person’s property is very challenging and difficult task. When you search for a clearance company make sure you hire someone reputable, reliable and experienced to take way your task smoothly. You can also search online, or else ask your friends and relatives about them whether they have any recommendations or not.

To take the sensible decision at the time of hiring, you can ask them certain questions regarding their services. Thus, make sure that you mention these questions if you need reassurance from the company you select, such as:

  • Are they insured?
  • What about the payment method?
  • Do they have license?
  • How much experience you have?
  • Can they provide a free quotation?
  • Do they offer to recycle or reuse items clearance?

How much time it will take

Clearance is a tiresome task which many people don’t want to do. It takes time and efforts to remove the stuff like furniture and other junk that you want to dispose of. Moreover, arrange something more suitable for picking up your junk and other rubbish. Many house clearance companies don’t have the vans for junk collection. Therefore, skip bin hire companies are a better choice for clearing your house junk.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, time planning is compulsory. For average 2-3bhk house, it will take 8 to 14 hours or full day with 2-3-man team for clearing junk and rubbish, furniture and possessions.

Get the quote in advance

Before calling and hiring your stuff, first look at how much stuff you have. Ideally, you need to contact two to three companies, so you can get a good deal on pricing. If the company is reputable then they will be happier to provide you with a free quote without any obligation.

Some companies will ask you to first visit your place to gauge the size of your property and things to be cleared. They will even advice you about how much waste is there, how long it will take and what things need to recycle. If you don’t want to give or shift particular thing, tell the staff. Moreover, show them the cabinets, wardrobes and other cubby holes which you want to clear.

Decide what to keep and not

Take out some time and sort things which you want and don’t want. Sort things like which you want to keep, donate or need to recycle. A simple way to category items is by making boxes and labelling it. Things you want to throw away put red sticky notes or stickers. Things which needs to recycle put green stickers and so on.

Start by putting green stickers items together first and then sort things out of that also. It doesn’t matter if you damage the things at the time of moving. It’s good to keep the good stuff into a safe place.

Tips for smooth clearance

These tips will help you before you go to any clearance company.

  • Once, you get quotation don’t add or remove anything from the house.
  • Give proper advice to the workmen of your cabinets, wardrobes, sheds, lofts, etc. that have extra stuff in it.
  • If you don’t want to remove any stuff label it with some sticky notes or tags so that workers can understand.
  • Before clearance begins keep your things and belonging properly.
  • Inform your neighbours also that you have hired a house clearance company.
  • Let your clearance company know where they can park their van or reserve space by speaking to your neighbours.
  • Advise your clearance company representative about where to park their van and reserve some space. Also, don’t forget to ask your neighbours for some parking space.
  • Before you pay, inspect property properly and check whether they meet with your expectations or not.
  • Make a proper agreement instead of doing it verbally because it is not sufficient.
  • If you’re doing the clearance on your own, then take care of your health. Get a dust mask and some safety items. Moreover, if you want to avoid this point contact some experts who are professional and can do work quickly.

Conclusion Finding a good house clearance company isn’t only essential for your clearance task but your safety as well. So, it’s the reason why shouldn’t pack up a decreased estate yourself. By keeping these things in mind, hire a professional house clearance company in Sydney for your house. It will help you in cutting the cost and saving your time.

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