5 Tips For Home Makeover In Under 24 Hours

Having a home makeover does not always have to be a grand project. Here are some winning tips that will freshen up the look in your rooms without you having to shell out thousands of dollars – 

Paint Is the Classic Way to Do It

One of the traditional makeover options is to paint your home with a fresh coat paint with a different color or texture. If you want to make a stylish statement to all of your friends, why not be different this time by just painting one wall? This should be your statement or focal wall.

Highlighting a special furniture is also a great way to spice things up in a room. Try painting a huge rectangle over your heirloom sofa and you have just created a sort of gallery ambience right in your own living room.

Another idea to make any room in your home look different is to paint the ceiling with a lighter color; this should give the room an extra vertical lift. You may also want to check paint stores that sell mixed paint at a discounted price. This is a more affordable idea than to have custom mixed paint which was probably returned to the shop because the colors did not look great the moment they were applied to the walls of another home.

Playing with colors does not end with these; you can also choose two contrasting colors like black and white then use them as a repeating theme all over your home. This may seem an easy project but it has a huge impact on your home’s new look.

Redress with Draperies

One other idea to update the look in any home is to invest in some readymade draperies. There are designer outlets that sell the most beautiful fabrics; decide to invest then hang the new curtains on a new curtain rod which also come in stock sizes.

Minimalism in Accessories

It is also advisable to edit the accessories in your home. If there is too much, then try taking some and putting them back in a box. Accessorizing your home does not mean you have to put several beautiful pieces all at once. Accessorizing means putting the most relevant pieces in areas where they will have the most impact.

Bring out those colorful throws and put them in your living room. Have the throw covers change as the seasons change. Dress them up in orange, gold, green or red during autumn and in grays and blues during the winter season.

Those inexpensive frame moldings from box stores can also help in transforming the look of your home. Using these moldings can help you create a paneled look. Paint the moldings with a contrasting color and they instantly pop out from your walls.

The smallest details truly matter so choose the picture frames well. Buy beautiful coasters and glass vases that you can fill with fresh flowers.

Check Out Bargain Shops

If you want a new look and you do not know where to buy affordable stuff, then take time to look at eBay or Craigslist for the latest finds. You will surely be amazed at the bargain prices that you will see there; but be quick because the best things go really fast!


There are carpets at rock-bottom prices if you know where to look. Since you are out to update the look in your home, then you might as well change the carpet, too. Changing the color from a bright colored one to a more subdued and darker tone will highlight the change that has been made. If having the carpet replaced is too bold a move for you, then there is always that area rug that you loved in one of those thrift shops.

Now aren’t these tips simple enough? Choose one of two of these and you will surely be astonished with your home’s fresh, new look.

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