Hidden Fire Hazards To Be Aware of in Your Home



Fire is one of the most common reasons homeowners file insurance claims. House fires are unfortunate and traumatic, and they happen more frequently than people may realize. Keep your own home safe by educating yourself on the most common hidden fire hazards; be aware of any dangerous conditions in your home and take steps to mitigate them.

Old or Outdated Wiring

The wiring in your home is made up of an intricate web of electrical connections that keep your home powered. If it’s been a few years since you’ve inspected your wiring, you may not realize when it reaches the end of its lifespan.

If your lights are dimmer or if your electrical outlets are discolored, call an electrician for assistance in replacing your wiring.

Space Heaters

Small space heaters are wonderful devices for homeowners who live in areas with cold winters—they’re highly efficient at heating up small areas quickly. But when left unattended, these space heaters are also a leading cause of house fires.

Use a space heater that meets or exceeds industry safety standards, and avoid placing it on flammable surfaces. Keep your heater clear of any upholstery or curtains, and don’t leave it running unattended.

Faulty Appliances

Some common household appliances, like ovens and clothing dryers, become fire hazards if any components aren’t working as they should. Does your dryer emit a burning smell? Turn it off and unplug it right away while you call for a repair expert to take a look at your machine.

Clean your appliances thoroughly between uses, and avoid overloading a single outlet with multiple appliance power cords.

Dust Buildup

A sufficiently dusty home can catch fire, seemingly out of nowhere. If dust and lint pile up in a warm home, especially near electrical outlets, that dust can ignite and the fire can spread rapidly.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your home. Once a week, vacuum your floors and wipe down any surfaces where you see dust building up.

Kitchen Clutter

Is your kitchen in a perpetual state of mess? While a little clutter makes a house feel lived in, piles of items on your kitchen counters can ignite a fire if left too close to the stovetop. Dish rags, recipe cards, and crumpled paper towels can set your kitchen alight when left near a heat source.

Prioritize safety as you clean your kitchen regularly. Keep items like towels and potholders clear of your stove, and remember to turn burners off when you’re done cooking. While you may be aware of fire hazards in the home like unattended candles and gas leaks, there are other dangers that could be hidden at first glance. From basic home clutter and dust to dangerously outdated electrical wiring, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of fire risks and do what you can to eliminate potential hazards.