Here Are 6 Best Electrician Boots (Leather Shoes)

It is not a secret that the nature of the job of electricians is a risky one. With a work environment that poses many hazards on every side and angle, every electrician is on a dance with death whenever they are on the clock.

While some of these accidents can only be prevented and not shielded, there are indeed still some potential risks that are completely offset simply by just having the right gear-like wearing a well-built work shoes whose design is aimed at securing the safety of its wearer, rather than be a source of fancy of anyone who looks or a boost to the ego of who wears it.

Needless to say, there have indeed many cases of potential accidents that would have had happened if not for these valuable pair of footwear, which includes slips, cuts, pierce, drops, and electrocution.

Best Electrician Boots (Leather Shoes)

Now, the market is currently littered with work footwear, all of which promises to be the best. But “best” in that context is completely subjective and may mean differently in the actual setting. A good quality pair of work boots alone is defined by the culmination of the quality of its comfort, beauty of appearance, level of durability, and capability of protection. Considering all these factors, finding the best is simply not easy without extensive experience in the actual products themselves.

Saving you from the guess work-and the cost of making a mistake with a purchase-we highlighted the best work footwear for electricians out there to date:

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 52562

Timberland is an icon among footwear lovers, particularly electricians, for its rugged and expensive-looking line-up of products. Living up to its reputation while also boosting the element of protection, the Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 work boot can safeguard from certain chemical spills, unwanted slips, as well as abrasion. The boot’s rubber outsole, on the other hand, acts as a great insulation against electrocution.

For those whose work involves a lot of climbing ladders, the PRO Men’s 52562’s bottom arch has enough traction to facilitate an easier climb and prevent accidental slips.

But an enhancement in safety does not mean it has to compromise on comfort. When it comes to the ease department, the PRO Men’s 52562 is an easy wear, thanks to its ability to mitigate fatigue, as influenced by a shock-absorbent sole and flexible yet firm design, which promotes prolonged usage.

2. Wolverine Men’s Tarmac

For something that looks classy and stylish, one can easily mistaken the Wolverine Men’s Tarmac as an added fashion statement rather than a pair of work boots aimed for functionality. But that is what made this product so amazing to begin with—by seamlessly blending looks and practicality, the Wolverine Men’s Tarmac brings elegance and welfare in the electrician’s workspace.

Speaking of protective feature, it has the exact same capability as the Timberland PRO Men’s 52562’s work boot in that it protects against chemical spills, accident- and injury-causing slips, substantial abrasion, as well as possible electrocution.

As for comfort, it is on a class quite on its own, thanks partly to the presence of a cushioned insole and dryness-keeping mesh lining.

3. Dr. Martens Men’s Calamus

When many work boots are built with leather as the major component, the Dr. Martens Men’s Calamus work boot makes for a departure from the norm by being built with a synthetic material. For the keen-eyed, this is already given by the outset seeing how unique the appearance of the boots, which is otherwise not ideal if made using leather.

However, one major advantage of straying from the staple design is that the boots themselves venture further into territory which no other gear of its kind is capable of, as imposed by the limitation by the material used. In terms of comfort, the Dr. Martens Men’s Calamus is as breathable as it can be and is made more hygienic by the addition of antimicrobial treatment that comes with its lining.

4. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366

The Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 is a homage to the traditional work boots in terms of design. But with a display that while seemingly adherent to the old schematics, it has a little bit of deviation here and there. Whether as a result of such diversion or not, the CMF6366 is surprisingly flexible—thanks to the so-called “Rugged Flex” technology—than stiff, despite what biased judgement would say. This means that the boots are perfectly capable of adapting however you choose to move.

Yet, while tractability is a major highlight to this footwear, it is also no slouch when it comes to its duty of protecting its wearer’s feet. Whether it is spills, slips, blunt force, or electrocution, there is nothing which acts as hazard to the feet that this boot cannot safeguard against.

5. Irish Setter Men’s 83605

Out of all the work boots that made their way into this list, the Irish Setter Men’s 83605 is admittedly the least fancy looking due to its seemingly oversimplified and rough design. But in as much the same way you do not-literally or figuratively-judge a book by its cover, do not evaluate the worth of this pair of footwear by its appearance alone, lest you come up with a bad decision.

This is actually the type of boots whose purpose of design is aimed at durability and protection far more than aesthetics. The idea might seem ironic seeing how “crude” the Men’s 83605 is in terms of design. But many critics in the shoe sphere swear that this pair of work boots last even after years of abuse.

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion

Possibly one of the most “eye candy” design to have ever come up from Timberland, the PRO Men’s Hyperion has just the right embellishments to it to call it a “beauty”. Although this notion may be relative and would vary significantly to which specific variant, we can all agree to the idea that it is at least good-looking, especially at a distance.

However, looks is just one thing. How about the other important stuffs? Particularly, its level of comfort and ability to protect its wearer.

While nothing specifically out of the top, the PRO Men’s Hyperion has all the hallmark of a good work boots as already mentioned

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