Helpful Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

Tips Decorating Apartment

Getting that first apartment is such a milestone in everyone’s life. It’s the stepping stone into adulthood. Because after that, all the other responsibilities come into play. Now that you have a place to call your own, you need to put your stamp on it. Check out these helpful tips for decorating your first apartment.

Stay True to Size

A lot of first-timers make the mistake of buying furniture that doesn’t make sense in their space. Just because it looks good on display doesn’t mean it will work in your apartment. You need to stay true to size, and this goes for everything.

Don’t choose a sofa that won’t fit through the front, side, or back door or one that extends past the living room. You can play up small spaces; you just need decor that matches the size. The same rule goes for rugs. Choosing the wrong size is one of the most common rug placement mistakes that people make.

Make It Multifaceted

We love a good piece of furniture that has more than one job—especially in smaller homes. For example, consider an ottoman that also acts as a storage unit.

Once you lift the top, you can place just about anything in there. For ottomans in the living room, we recommend extra blankets and pillows. Chances are you don’t have too much space in your closets, and now you don’t need to try and stuff more things in there.

Turn It Into a Home

It’s an apartment, but that doesn’t mean it can be a home. It has the potential to be warm and inviting. All it needs is your touch. Don’t go for generic pieces of art to fill the spaces and walls.

Make sure the pieces you find represent you and your style. When people walk through the door, they should get a taste of your vibes. And include some pictures of family and friends. This is the place to be personal and vulnerable.

Choose One Luxury Piece

If you’re not rolling in money, then you probably don’t have the luxury to shop ‘till you drop in IKEA. That’s fine. But you do have the opportunity to buy one investment piece. This piece of furniture is the one you’re going to spend big money on.

It needs to be a piece you don’t see yourself parting with for years to come—even when you move. Most people use this luxury buy on their beds or couches. It’s important to learn all the facts about a good mattress to make the right choice.Decorate your first apartment to your satisfaction. Don’t stop trying to perfect it until you’re truly satisfied.

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