Gold – A Winning Choice in Luxurious Interior Design

Interior Designer for Luxury Home

Interior Designer for Luxury Home

Gold is a warm color that not a lot of people want to use in their homes. This is a sad thing because interior designers understand the beauty of this color. The concern comes up, though, when this color may be overused and eventually made to appear extravagant, bordering arrogant. Yet if you want to feel successful, more relaxed, joyful, and powerful all at the same time, this color is something that you need to consider. 

Throughout the Elizabethan era, there were only a few people who were allowed to be clothed in gold. This was what was decreed by the Sumptuary Laws. Only the nobles were allowed to wear gold-colored garments – the Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Counts, and their female counterparts.

Gold is a color that is associated with positive phrases such as good as gold, gold medal, gold star, and golden child. Negative associations, though, include gold digger and fool’s gold.

The Current Trend with Gold

Metallic gold is now the trend in many fashion and home designs. In clothes, it is showcased with the shiny blings while in homes, it depicts the glamorous yet casual setting.

The gold color is always a tough choice since it can get dominant and overly warm. It is wrong to choose warm tones and use too much of them as this can become overwhelming and monotonous. This is also true with gold.

Although this color was quite big in 2013, it needs to be balanced so not everyone was able to come out victorious when it came to interior design.

Modern designs have been truly amazing with their development of the gold-accented interior design concepts. This stunning design idea is all about the use of gold in interiors and not in the way that it has been used in the past.

In a space and modern design, gold has been seen to present an unlimited number of possibilities. When misused, it can turn your home into an overdone Peterhof Grand Palace which is covered all over with gold. Just imagine the gold ceiling-to-floor setting. Many have believed that the application of gold in interiors is unmanageable – nothing can be farther from the truth. Yet while many believe this, interior designers continue to use gold in interiors and have been actively propagating the concepts to their protégés and customers.

So what do you need to consider when using gold in your home? First, establish an exact measurement. In essence, you have to have control as you use this warm color. A lot of the golden colors used in homes are not bright or matte, they are more like flickering. This means gold is used here and there, a dash on top and a pinch at the bottom, all in moderation.

The texture in gold also adds depth to any space while it also visually ups the room’s volume. Modern wallpapers, even tiles, that come with gold patterns now look beautiful and easy on the eyes. These, when used on walls, no longer look pretentious but are great foundations to a classic ambiance.

Plant motifs and lighter shades of gold may also be used. If you are not comfortable in going astray, then use just a few gold accessories such as candlesticks, figurines, mirror frames, vases, as well as cushions.

The effect that you would want to achieve when using the gold color is also dependent on its fusion with other colors. For instance, using white or light blue with gold is acceptable when depicting classic style. This is also considered a safe combination in modern style interiors. With these simple tips in mind, are you now ready to transform your home into a golden haven?