Gas Safety Tips During Home Improvements

A study says that the most frequent type of accident is home accidents and the number is increasing every day. While people consider their homes to be the safest place for them on earth, our little ignorance can make them a dangerous place too.

For a safe dwelling, it is important to make little improvements to our property on yearly basis, especially to the one in whom we are living. Amongst home improvements, the gas safety certificate shall be on top of the list.

According to National Fire Protection Association, in 2009, 784 people died of injuries due to exposure to gases. This means that dealing with gas can be dangerous. Make sure to follow these gas safety tips to stay safe and protected during home improvements.

1.      Hire A Gas Safety Engineer

Considering the maximum number of gas accidents in homes and workplaces, the UK government has passed a law. The law states that every landlord should have a gas safety engineer inspect their property once a year and obtain a gas safety certificate.

This rule applies in both cases, whether the person wishes to live in the house or wishes to improve its condition to rent or sell it. A gas safe certification ranges from £35 to £150. The cost of this certificate depends on the size and number of gas appliances installed.  

The main purpose of getting this certificate from a certified engineer is to make sure that all the gas appliances installed on the property are safe to use.  A gas safety certificate not only makes your home safe but also increases its worth in case you plan to give it out on rent or want to sell it.

2.      No DIY On Gas Appliances

Never think of doing experimentation with the gas appliance It can be riskier, and saving money in this regard can be life-threatening too. Always consult a professional, when it is about gas or electric appliances.

Book a registered gas safety engineer. They are experienced and trained in checking gas appliances and other gas-related work.  They also know how to work with the tools, which a layman cannot.

3.     Get A Gas Compliance Certificate

Whenever a new gas appliance is installed, make sure to get the compliance certificate for it. A new gas compliance certificate is provided after a check by the gas safety engineer.

The compliance certificate is issued by the local authorities. Again! the gas compliance certificate makes the dwelling safe and also increases the worth of the property.

4.      Do Not Forget The Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an important part of a safe home.  While making home improvements, cannot be overlooked in any way.  It is advised to keep one  A-B-C fire extinguisher at home,  which can e used in case of a gas accident that involves a fire.

The other important thing is that all the family members shall know how to use a fire extinguisher. It is not the sole responsibility of the head of the family only. Teach your kids too.

Also, keep a note on the date of expiry of the fire extinguisher to stay safe.

5.     Install  A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a poison that kills slowly. It is undetectable because it has no odor or color. As a result, carbon monoxide alarms detect carbon monoxide gas leaks.

When constructing a new home or making home improvements, it is recommended that a Carbon Monoxide alarm be installed to detect any leaks from a gas appliance. This is for your protection!

6.     Ensure Proper Ventilation

Reports show that well-ventilated houses are the safest for the inhibits. The reason is that well-ventilated homes allow the circulation of air. In case of a sudden fire outbreak, the windows and other ventilation channels allow fumes and smoke to excel.

If your home is not well-ventilated, you can make it now.  Increase the number of windows. The installation of windows and ventilation holes becomes more important near the gas appliances.

7.     Ask Your Property Contractor

 If you are renovating your home,  you can ask your property contractor first. The property consultants have a team of registered gas-safe engineers.  The gas safety engineer checks if all the gas appliances installed at the property are in working conditions, and checks for possible leaks and flues.   

Final Thoughts!!

Your home is the safest place on earth, but only if yearly improvements are made. Yearly renovation shall also involve the checking and safety of the gas appliances installed. However, never take a risk of experimentation with gas appliances. After you get a gas safety certificate for your building, make sure to hire a gas safety engineer to check if all the gas appliances are in working condition or not? Do not forget to install a carbon-monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher.

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