Do you need Gas Fireplace Repair in Toronto?

A debate exists between experts and DIY individuals regarding gas fireplace repair Toronto. A handy DIY person will tell you there is no need to call the serviceman out to get your gas fireplace running again. Yet, experts are going to tell you the opposite. If you are confused as to what is right or you want a clear answer, then you are in the right place. Personal experience has shown that fireplace repairs are not always easy. You can invest time and money in fixing your unit and still have an issue. This time could be better spent with your family or friends.

Three components make up your fireplace: pilot light, thermocouple, and burner. The burner is the metal component underneath the logs, which becomes lit with blue flames when you turn your gas fireplace on. It does so because of the flame from the pilot light, which heats the burner that is fueled by propane or natural gas. The thermocouple is the heating element. It is attached to electricity, which creates the spark to light the pilot light. Furthermore, the thermocouple is attached to the gas valve. When the thermocouple is heated to the right temperature it opens the gas valve. When it cools down it closes the gas off.

One or more of these components may decide to breakdown. An issue with your gas fireplace will happen a lot earlier in the unit’s life if you do not have proper gas fireplace repair Toronto. Each year you should have an expert come out to clean your unit. The flue, fan, fake logs, and three components can become dirty with dust, use, and thus stop working.

If it is a matter of budgeting for maintenance services, you can put it off for two years depending on how much you use the fireplace. Yet, it would be best not to wait more than two years in between proper maintenance. Additionally, safety is a concern with propane or natural gas appliances. You never know when a gas leak might happen, which is why preventative maintenance is important. Also, carbon monoxide can be an issue with a gas fireplace. A service repairman can check your carbon monoxide and dioxide levels each year to ensure safety. It is better to prevent health issues than to become affected due to slow poisoning or other problems. Saving time and money from larger repairs or problems is definitely important.

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