Discover How to Clean Bakery Cases

A bakery establishment could not function without the bakery cases. These cases are represented by the traditional storage cases used in storing breads, pastries and other delicacies that can be seen in bakeries. It is usually made out of glass and steel with electrical lights inside. It also has a temperature gadget inside it to set the temperature of the case. Such would help maintain the fresh quality of the bread. Having this particular case cleaned all the time would help keep the food bacteria-free and seeing the food enclosed in these cases would assure the customers that they are getting a safe food to eat. Moreover, just like any other thing, this particular kind of case needs some maintenance routines in order to lengthen its longevity. However, taking care of bakery cases is not that simple since there are special rituals to be made just to have it cleaned the right way. Below is the step-by-step instruction on how to clean these bakery cases.

  • Before actually cleaning these bakery cases, it is advised to switch off all the electrical components installed in the said case. The cleaning makes use of water; thus, it would be very dangerous for the person who would do the cleaning if these electrical gadgets are still on.
  • Prepare a special cleaning solution. A simple mixture of sanitizer or bleach and lukewarm water will do.
  • Take all the bread, pastries and other delicacies out of the case so that the person doing the cleaning can thoroughly move and clean the case.
  • Start with the shelves first. Wipe them thoroughly with the use of the special mixture. However, if the shelves are removable, they can be cleaned in the sink.
  • Then clean the other parts of the case. Just be sure to remove all unwanted debris off the bakery case like breadcrumbs. It is also important that in cleaning cases, not to use toothpicks and knives for this could create damage.  
  • After the interiors are thoroughly cleaned, close the doors tightly and begin wiping the outer glass. Spray some of the solution on the glass and wipe them off with the use of paper towels. It is important to have the glass thoroughly wiped to avoid the streaking of the glass. After the majority of the solution is removed from the glass, get another fresh paper towel to polish the glass.
  • After everything is already dried up, turn on the electrical component in the bakery case and set the temperature. Once the other detachable interior components are all dried up, put them back and arrange them accordingly. Then put the food back inside as well.

Bakery cases are actually very delicate. That is why it is advised that people should take extra precaution in cleaning it. Seeing a very clean case would only attract more and more clients to the bakery. In addition, bakery owners would be assured that they are serving fresh and edible food to the general clientele.  

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