Creating Viral Videos – 5 Must-Follow Guidelines to Success

Many video producers admit that it takes a lot of hard work to create a viral video. It takes a ton of promotions and this starts way before the video is even released. Going viral is never an accident – it requires perspiration and a lot of inspiration.

Create a Marketing Plan

Don’t think that you are too good for marketing. Go ahead and plan. As the age old saying goes – if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Even the best producers who formulated plans have failed in the end so this only means that failure is certain if you do not even begin with a plan.

Never rely on luck to bring you the added traffic. Give your video a good fighting chance. Construct a feasible marketing plan and you’d have a fair shot.

Put Your Plan Into Action

Ask all of your friends to share your video. Post it on Twitter and Facebook, submit it to other social networking sites, tweet it and do not forget to email bloggers. Blogs can drive a crazy number of unique traffic to your site. Every blog, in essence, is a marketing tool with thousands to millions of viewers.

Do Not Be Afraid to Try

Once you have a sizeable traffic, reach out to more people by trying new avenues. YouTube’s algorithm is likelier to pick up on the traffic that is being driven to a certain site. So if your site is doing so well, it is not impossible to make it to YouTube’s front page.

Use all of the means that you can to make your video go viral. Reddit is also there to help video newbies. It could help you or another platform would. Just remember, all the time, that your goal it to let major blogs notice you. These blogs are sure to catapult you to the top should you catch their attention so you might as well create a scene (in a positive way, of course).

Post Videos on Monday or Tuesday

It has been observed that people watch videos on their laptops when they are at work. They read the news and watch interesting videos to motivate them throughout the workweek. Since this is so, it would be beneficial for you to post your videos during the first two days of the workweek.

Tuesday is way better if you want to get out of the way of people who are catching up with their bulk emails on Monday. Be mindful of the holidays as people are not at the office during such days.

Consider Who Can Market You

Should your videos take off, find out the people and companies who would like to aid you in terms of marketing. Put a link to the site of the location that you got for your video. For instance, if it is a restaurant, then decide on putting that link on your video. Find the establishments and companies that you believe in then send the traffic their way. Most are more than happy to reciprocate the act.

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