Book Storage: Learn These Provocative Ideas Today

Book Storage: Learn These Provocative Ideas Today

Have you ever come to a point when you already need to box or purge the numerous books in your home? You can either go this way or find creative solutions to create more space for them.

Just Arrange

At times, the creation of a home library can be as simple as arranging the bookcasesTwo, standalone bookcases can be pushed together in order to fill what used to be an unused area or wall spaceThat space right next to the stairs is a great place to set up your booksJust make sure to paint the bookcases in a color that matches your décor.

Group and Build Out

If simply arranging the bookcases does not work anymore, then you can construct the traditional floor-to-ceiling bookcasesPaint storage cubes or shelves in the same color as those on your library walls so that you can achieve a more cohesive look.

Keep It Wide Open, Or Not

If you want to break up what used to be a huge open space so as to create a cozier atmosphere, then set up a corner libraryFind a pair of freestanding bookcases which can house an artful arrangement of magazines, books and your personal collectionsThis can also be an area behind the sofa.

See if you can have a floor lamp placed on that empty corner so that it can shed light onto a reading area.

Look Up

If you have an entire room to utilize for your many books, then you may use the floor-to-ceiling, built-in bookshelvesSince you will be using very tall pieces, you must order a unique library ladder which you can use around the perimeter of the library.

Another tip, be sure to use window blinds in order to keep books from being damageddirect sunlightExpose them to this light every day and you will soon see that your collections have already faded – definitely a sight that you would not want to see.

A Little Bit of You

It is a no-no to have bare walls in a home libraryUse these walls as storage units or shelves insteadHave you noticed that unused space right below your home’s staircase> Now, you can draw attention towards that partusing them as a place to store booksA spiral staircase that hasn’t been used for years, for instance, is a unique shelf for your stacks of books.

You may also ask customized cabinetry if you want to save on the cost of freestanding unitsJust make use of ready-to-assemble bookcases, add crown molding trimmings to the edges and you have just created a built-in look for your shelf.

Books in the Bedroom, Stairway Landing, and Practically Everywhere Else  

There are beds that come with the traditional headboardsHow about deviating from this traditional lookcreating a statement right behind your bed? Stack your books right on the place where the headboard should be then install ample lighting fixtures on both sides of the bedThese reading lamps should be placed on lower shelves which can also offer storage for reading glasses and bookmarks.

That landing can now be utilized as a mini libraryYou can choose to arrange books according to color or display them alphabetically (if you feel like being a librarian for a moment!)if you paint the shelves in the same color as the walls, then you create an illusion of the books floating mid-air.

How about stacking small benches one on top of the other? These can then be used as a shabby chic sort of bookcase for your collectionsCover these with new paint and the display will surely have a cohesive lookThere are so many other ideas that can be used to design a home libraryJust a little imagination on your part and you could already come up with your own design!

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