A well-kept garden is the key to an amazing looking home. Over the years the use of Artificial Turf has been on the rise throughout the United States. Artificial Grass at one point used to look really bad, almost like the nasty looking green mats you used to find fruit and vegetable on at your local fruit and veg shop. With the advancement in technology Artificial Grass now days look ultra-realistic and adds some spark to your home. If you have ever thought about artificial grass now may be a good time. Here below are some reasons to consider Turf instead of natural Grass.

  1. Health – With the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals to preserve and maximize the life of natural grass Artificial Grass can be a great alternative. Artificial Grass does not require these toxic chemicals and pesticides.
  2. Bugs and Insects – When it comes to natural grass of course that comes with uninvited bugs and insects. Whilst mostly these bugs are harmless they can cause severe allergic reactions. Have a pet? Natural Grass is more likely to cause your animal to get ticks.
  3. Great Look – Artificial Grass these days has gotten so realistic it can be hard to tell the difference. The best part of this is that it will look great all year round without the need of water and the harmful sun.
  4. Cost effective – Artificial Grass in the last few years has become super affordable. You can find many great options in the market for around $15 a square ft. On top of this you wont have to pay any additional cost for watering.
  5. Low Maintenance – You guessed it, Artificial Grass does not grow and there for does not need to be Mowed ever. You will not ever have to worry about owning a lawn mowing or even watering the lawn.
  6. Durable – Artificial Grass has been designed to endure the test of time. Most good quality Turf can last in excess of 15-20 years until they need replacement.

Work with an Artificial Turf Company

You have a yard and have thought about it, and not you really want to get Artificial Turf in you yard what do you do? The first step is to contact a reputable local Artificial Turf Company who are experienced. Given how popular Artificial Turf has become in recent years there are many Artificial Turf Companies. With so many out there its true that not all of them are good. If you have a company in mind its important to look at the work they have previously completed or looked at their reviews.

After making contact with the company of your choice. The advisor from the company will most likely come down to your residence and to a site survey. The site survey is how the company can find out if installing Artificial Turf is feasible on your land. Not all sites are created equally and unfortunately there are some homes due to many reasons cannot have Artificial Turf installed.

The next step is excavating the land. Heavy duty machinery is involved here. The Artificial Turf specialist will dig up and remove existing grass if necessary. Once the grass is existing land is removed the next step in so flatten the land so it’s ready for the Turf. The next step is applying weed killer, the last thing you want is weeds growing underneath the newly installed Turf.

The last step in the process is rolling the Artificial Turf. This involves laying the foundation level first that the top Turf. The foundation does exactly that, adds a stable foundation for Turf so it wont move in the long run. The process even though may sound easy, can take some time. But with all the benefits that come from Artificial Grass it’s no wonder it’s become so popular.

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