Are You Making These Landscaping Mistakes?

Your yard is your haven. It’s the first thing you see when you pull into the driveway and the last thing you see when you leave for work. A well-landscaped yard is one that you will love showing off to your neighbors. It might include gorgeous plants that brighten up your yard and water features that add a special touch. Making some common landscaping mistakes can not only change the way you feel about your yard but change your curb appeal and make it harder to sell your home later. Learn more about the common landscaping mistakes you should avoid.

Going Too Short

Some people think that the shorter they cut their grass, the less mowing they need to do. Lawnmowers today come with adjustable bases that let you set the length of your grass and cut all blades to the same length. If you cut the grass too short, you can do some serious damage to your lawn. This makes it harder for your lawn to protect itself against common pests and diseases. You also risk germs and bacteria seeping into the ground and moving through your yard to attack plants and trees.

Not Trimming

Planting some of the beautiful trees that you see around Portland adds both shady spots and color to your yard. A common mistake that some people make is that they do not trim their trees as often as they should. You usually want to prune shrubs and trim trees in the early spring or late spring. The branches are still slightly wet, which makes them easier to cut through. You can also get an idea of where new blooms are and get rid of dying branches to let the new blooms shine. If you worry about removing too much or where to cut, a tree service Portland can help.

Adding Too Much

It’s easy to find ornaments and decorations for your yard both online and in local stores. While you might think that bigger is better, this doesn’t apply to your yard. Adding too many decorations can make your lawn look cluttered and dirty. Choosing the wrong ornaments can affect your landscaping because it prevents certain flower beds and patches of grass from getting the sunlight they need. You should think about the look you want and create a design that incorporates those decorations without going overboard.

Ignoring Drainage

Portland gets a lot of rainfall every year, which is why many homes in the city have retaining walls. A retaining wall is an important part of your landscape because it protects your yard from erosion. You often need one of these walls anywhere that is taller than the surrounding areas of your yard. If too much rain falls and soaks into the ground, the dirt can eventually fail and collapse. Drainage is another thing to keep in mind. Without proper drainage, water can pool around the lawn and kill some of your favorite plants. Standing water can also damage your foundation and attract mosquitoes.

Choosing Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are those not normally found in Oregon that can take over your whole yard. You might buy plants online or from a garden store in a different state and plant them without thinking about what they will do. Even if you have just a few of these plants, you may find that you cannot control them. Some of the invasive plants you should avoid include garlic mustard and giant hogweed. Keep an eye out for English ivy and kudzu, too. Both of these plants can spread across your yard and climb up the walls of your house. Kudzu is so hard to control that in some parts of the country, the only way to get rid of it is with fire.

Make Your Landscape Look Great

Landscaping refers to the way your yard and lawn look. Not only does it include the plants and trees you have, but it also includes your lawn and any decorations you display. It’s usually best to start with a design and work on one area at a time. You can focus on your front lawn and garden beds first before working on the areas in your backyard and around your driveway. Make sure you avoid some common landscaping mistakes such as using invasive plants and cutting your grass too much.

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