African Interior Design: Be One-of-a-Kind, Be You

The influence of African design has fueled patterns and styles throughout the world for many years now. The African continent has been one of the largest resources in terms of home design ideas and if you want to use it in your own home, then it will surely be a blast.

African interior design is exotic and its wide array of motifs are capable of transforming any room into a thing of beauty. Many designers use this style to provide pizzazz, spice, and thrill in the environments that they create. Ironically, this same design can be a source of relaxation for many. Gone are those days when African art is just seen in museums. These days, people realize the beauty of their style and so they welcome the idea of using it in their home, apartment, or office.

The African Impact

Visually, African interior design is a thing to beat. African home accessories are slowly conquering mainstream design, with more and more contractors and designers signing up to it. This design’s color, patterns, and textures pop out without even trying to so it is impossible not to be enamored by it.

Surprisingly, African art has been reflected in so many contemporary designs, with its fabrics, handmade craftsmanship and materials all put into good use.

Let African designs open up your vision, too. Here are some tips on its design elements –

African Textiles

Every African textile has its own, exquisite style. Just take a careful look at the Bakuba cloths created by the Kuba people of Congo – haven’t you noticed that no two cloths are ever the same? Whether it is their width, length, pattern, or color, there is always that majestic difference that stands out in every cloth.

All African textiles look good when used on sofas, cushions, or armchairs. The great news is that you can even pair it with a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal. If you are feeling more creative, you can also frame these textiles, use them as curtain tiebacks or table mats, the possibilities are endless. These textiles look stunning when draped over your door; it warmly welcomes visitors. Add a wooden walking stick or a tribal spear and you can use them as rods for your Bakuba cloth. Hang this work of art on your wall instead of the usual paintings – your visitors will surely go gaga over it.

African Seating

Tribal stools are either 3 or 4-legged seats that are incredibly comfortable. Posture-wise, such a stool can also help your back feel more relaxed. If you don’t want to trade stools for chairs then you can use them as functional side tables. These can be the perfect place to set up your potted plants.

African Art

What could be more stunning than to have African art hung on your walls? Start by having tribal spears adorn those usually blank walls. Below these spears, you can have a carved wooden bench that comes complete with a bronze leopard-shaped pillow inlay. The bench isn’t just useful for displays but may also be used as additional seating.

Find an old Nigerian, wooden Kanore pot and this can add to the rustic uniqueness of your place. Gabon Wood and brass figures; bronze armbands; Turkana vessels with flowers; and raffia mats complete your African interior setup. Africa’s rich culture brings warmth and exceptionality in any home. Find more inspirations as you go online and view more African works of art. If you want to perfect this look, ask an interior designer about your plans and allow this expert to transform your home into a bold, exciting yet homely haven.

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