Affiliate Marketing Software

Here at Venture Harbour, we partner with more than 100 different B2B service and software providers as an affiliate. Over the years, we’ve used just about every marketplace, affiliate marketing platform and referral tracking software on the market – so, today, we’re going to share the best of them with you.

We know it can be hard to find platforms and tools that look after the affiliate because most systems are geared towards the paying advertiser. This is why we decided to put together this guide, especially for the affiliate marketers out there, so you can find bigger clients, generate more revenue and build a bigger affiliate business.

What are we looking at in this article?

As mentioned in the intro above, this article is for affiliate marketers specifically. Excuse the repetition but a lot of tools we’re going to look at in this guide are aimed at advertising companies and affiliate marketers – as is often the case with affiliate marketing software – so we need to clarify that these recommendations are made with affiliate publishers in mind.

We’re looking at a selection of tools in this article, ranging from marketplaces to help you find new clients and tracking tools to marketing software and analytics platforms – everything you need to manage a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Here’s a quick preview of what we’re looking at in this article and you can jump ahead to any of the sections below by clicking the link text in this list:

  1. PartnerStack : The best partner platform for SaaS products.
  2. Impact : The best for connecting brands with social content creators.
  3. Circlewise: A great place to get your first B2B affiliate gigs.
  4. RedTrack: Ad tracking software for publishers.
  5. Getaffiliated: Find new partner clients & get paid fast.
  6. Refersion: B2C affiliate campaigns from reputable brands.
  7. Marketcall: Get paid for attracting phone call leads.
  8. CAKE : The marketing suite for affiliate marketers.
  9. Strackr: The analytics platform for affiliate publishers.
  10. Afflytics: The free analytics tool for new affiliate marketers.
  11. Feature comparison: A quick summary of each platform’s features for you to compare (table included).
  12. Price comparison: This table shows the starting prices and top prices for each platform where applicable.
  13. Marketplace comparison: A final table showing the type of affiliate programs available on each marketplace (B2B, SaaS, B2C, etc.).
  14. Marketing features: The platforms with the best marketing features built in.
  15. Best for payouts: The platforms that’ll help you get paid fastest and hassle-free.
  16. Best for reporting: The platforms that put the data you need at your fingertips.

In the first half of this article, we’re focusing on the top 10 affiliate marketing and referral tracking software in a series of mini reviews. In the second half, we compare these platforms across several categories, including features and pricing, to help you choose the most suitable tools for your needs.

This will include several tables for easy comparison – like this one showing the type of partner clients you can find on each platform.