A Wide Spectrum of Themes with Brick Walls

The best appeal of a home design is its ability to use just one material and make it appear a hundred different ways. Brick is one such material; it can look natural though everyone knows that it is a man-made product. It can be pale yellow or bright red and it has the capacity to make your home look warm during the winter seasons or keep it cool during the summer. Whether you have an urban home or a classic Victorian one, using brick is sure to make your interiors look classy.

The Natural or Untouched Look

With so many construction materials in the market these days, only a few can be left untouched yet remain beautiful. Even after years of wear and tear, brick walls remain pretty and timeless. Home buyers, in fact, are willing to invest more in a brick home, believing that it is worth more than other plain-looking homes.

Disguised Color

Although brick looks pretty in its natural form, when stained or damaged, it is best to have the eye sores painted over. This is a great way to revive stained bricks. Paint is affordable and it can easily breathe life into any living space.

Brick can be painted over with any color, depending on the theme that you or your interior designer are working on. Begin by brushing off the bricks with stiff-bristled brushes. This is necessary to remove dust and dirt.

After the cleanup, apply a primer then follow-up with cement-based or latex paint. Veer away from rubber, epoxy or oil-based paints.

For a more original look, you may also create designs with your paintbrush. For instance, you may paint squares, rectangles or pyramids with the use of a different-colored paint that will harmonize with the rest of your home’s design.

Brick as a Back Drop

For a more sophisticated and streamlined look, use brick as a back drop for sculptures, paintings or wall art. Brick may also be used as an accent wall or it can be paired with varying exposed materials to achieve a rustic yet contemporary style. Have your home look more rustic with more brick joints exposed. Even when you want a formal theme, brick lay outing can also work in your home.

Tiling the Bricks

You may use mosaic or stone tiles to liven up your brick walls. Use them around the ceiling or tile the bricks from halfway up to the ceiling. This can break the wall’s solid appearance and make it appear more interesting.

If you have a fireplace in your home, make it more dramatic by surrounding it with bricks. Add a wooden mantle for the focal point and you have the perfect spot to gather your relatives and friends.

Other Styles

Brick can also be seen in other forms such as man-made boulders. Though these look bulky, they are still commonly referred to as brick and are often used in interior walls, fireplaces, lanai and the porch.

Brick beautifies without any effort but for a more customized look, you may get in touch with a mason or artisan and find out how they can create different bricks. You may request for rough-textured bricks or those with patterned forms.

Brick may also be used as an entryway to a grand entrance, decorative half wall or flooring. Create a feeling of nostalgia with bricks; for a more spectacular setting, visit salvage yards where bricks from demolished buildings are being sold. This way, you help bring history right into your own home. Find out all the different ways that your home can look using the beauty of brick. With a little creativity, your home will look nice and your friends will surely be envious.

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