A Guide to Save Money, Time and Stress by Smart Remodeling

Good planning is all about considering the necessities in a realistic, all-encompassing fashion before diving into the project head-first. So what exactly goes into a full-on home remodel? Many things would be the simple answer. But taking a closer look, it boils down to the big themes of planning, permitting, architectural drafts, revisions, hiring a Contracting Company In Los Angeles, environmental consideration, financial and time budgeting, weather, seasons, and important dates and deadlines to shoot for. What feeds into each of these factors, ensuring your project a stressless success? Below we’ve detailed everything you need to know heading into your remodel.

First Order of Business

Many people don’t consider the most logical order of construction when planning their remodel, which can unfortunately lead to issues down the road in the form of budget, material shortages, or weather halts the project. For anyone on a budget or working room by room, you’ll want to start with the room that will recoup the remodeling costs and create actual equity. For example, rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms are big selling points for future buyers, and they will retain the most value, so choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first is traditionally the smartest move! After those are fully completed, you’ll feel a sense of relief moving forward onto the other spaces in the home that are less involved and traditionally weather cuts to the budget better than these other main focal points. The main point is that you never want to compromise on the most used, most enjoyed rooms of the house. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms are typically the most valuable to the homeowner, therefore these should go first.

The Importance of Plans and Permitting

Choosing your plans and permitting agency is a big deal. They’re essentially the designers of your vision, putting your abstract ideas on paper and in numbers. You’ll want to shop around for the best planners that have a great reputation for delivering comprehensive drafts and expediting the permitting process so you can begin without delays and cumbersome rounds of edits.

Budgeting For the Worst

I know it sounds depressing, but truly, the only way to complete your project with the least amount of stress and strain on your finances is to begin the project fully aware and prepared. Work with your entire build team, including draftsman, contractor, material supplier, permitter, etc to draft a real budget. Then, to remove the surprise factor from the build, budget another 20% extra to account for unexpected issues, delays, or problems that may arise. So many people under budget going into a build, and because of this, they end up paying for it down the road. Not just in extra costs, but also because oftentimes, complications occur when a project is put on hold due to budget shortages. Bad weather, missed material opportunities, and loss of employees can create huge issues that end up costing you more on top of the remaining cost to build/renovate the house.

Contractors That Deliver

Picking the best contracting company for your project is also a nerve-wracking endeavor, as you know the success of your project truly lies in the hands of your builders. You could prepare all you want, with the budget, with permitting, drafters, and material sourcing, but if your contractor doesn’t have a solid grasp on the project, everything could crumble within days. Choose a top contracting company in Culver City like GreenWorks Construction in Los Angeles, who have spent decades perfecting their craft, and have long standing relationships with suppliers and builders, making your project one swift, stress-free build. One of the most in-demand, well respected contracting companies in Southern California, Greenworks is ready to take on your vision and home dreams and turn them into reality. Tackling all project sizes and budgets, Greenworks tirelessly works to ensure your remodel, ADU, or new home builds a total success, with unprecedented craftsmanship and excellent customer service every step of the way. Visit us online to check out our viewing gallery, schedule an appointment with one of our team members, and enjoy a bit of architectural inspiration in the process!

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