Home Insulation has been a part of human civilization since the Middle Ages. Even in the BC era, ancient Egyptians used mud bricks and the ancient Vikings used Mus and straws in between logs for neutralize temperature. We have definitely come along way since then. We now have so many well performing options that are available to the public. Here below are the most common.

Mineral Wool – Mineral wool can refer to many different types of Insulation. Fiberglass Wool which is made from recycled glass, Secondly it may to refer to a type of wool made from Basalt or lastly it may refer to slag wool which is made from the slag of steel mills. In the unites stated slag wool is the most common. Mineral wool is a great cost-effective option however with the materials it’s made from does not make it ideal for extreme heats. Mineral wool is highly combustible.

Cellulose – Cellulose insulation is one of the most eco friendly options available. Cellulose is made from loose recycled paper, cardboard and other paper materials. Some studies suggest that this type of insulation may be ideal to minimize fire damage. They way that cellulose is structured it allows close to no oxygen within it. Without oxygen this makes it less likely to burn through. Whilst the eco friendly characteristic and fire resistance property may make you think this is the best option, there are definitely some negatives to Cellulose. One of these negatives being that it may be likely to ignite allergic reactions from highly sensitive people.

Polyurethane Foam – Polyurethane Foam also known as Spray Foam Insulation is becoming a really popular options for homeowners. Polyurethane Foam is very light weight and nowadays Spray Foams use non CFC gas to blow out the solution making it impact to the ozone layer very minimal. Polyurethane Foam is one of the most fire resistant insulation options on the market.

Polystyrene – Yes this material is like the things you will find in esky’s or product boxes. This material is the only insulation that has a smooth surface. It is also very light weight. Ideal for wall insulation, Typically the foam is created or cut into blocks. The foam is flammable and needs to be coated in a fireproofing in a chemical called Hexabromocyclododecane. HBCD has had a lot of attention on it lately due to the fact on how it impacts the environment.

When it comes to something like home insulation it is something that is quite specialized and does require the help of an expert. Make sure you work with a specialist who has local of experience and has worked on homes in your area. It wouldn’t be beneficial to work with someone who is in a different state where the temperature might be different and requires different insulation. An insulation will be able to work with you through the journey and provide the best possible advice. Whether you are building a new home or need to upgrade or replace your homes current insulation. If your home is older there may be a risk of asbestos which needs to be handled by a professional and taken care of carefully. Work with a professional and let them do the heavy lifting. Get your insulation taken care of efficiently and quickly.

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